Fortune Favours The Babe

I have a dream.

It’s not quite as profound as Martin Luther King Jr’s.  It’s to own a coffee shop and a pair of huskies and not really have to “work” again.  To facilitate this, I plan to win an absolute fortune on the lottery.

The reason for the lottery win is that it would provide the financial stability and security to do something that I’ve had no previous experience of, and huskies are pretty full time so I’ll need to have long working hours.  I don’t see it as a glory project or anything like that, just something that I need a more suitable set of circumstances for than I have at present.

And some people will take that as me bottling it, which is fine.  Using another meaning of the word fortune, research has shown that it does indeed favour the brave.  Australian academics analysed the wealth of thousands of households over four years and found that over just four years, those more inclined to ‘shape their own destiny’ had become £82,000 richer during the period.

However, for those who don’t know, let me tell you a little about a guy called George Herman Ruth.  He is better known as Babe, and was a legendary baseball player for the Red Sox, Yankees and the Braves.

During his career he racked up 2873 hits and regular broke the MLB single season scoring record.  At the time of his retirement, Ruth held many of baseball’s most esteemed records, including the career records for slugging percentage (0.690), runs batted in (2,213 — since broken), bases on balls (2,062 — since broken) and on-base plus slugging (1.164).  Most famously, he held the home run record of 714.

Seven hundred and fourteen times he cleared the boundary.

Yet all those figures don’t include the fact that he was also struck out a massive 1330 times which was also more than any other player at the time.  He wasn’t scared of screwing up but, most importantly, he wasn’t scared of screwing up every time.  He achieved what he did not because he was brave once, but because he was brave over and over again.

Babe’s is an example that bravery and the fortune that follow is not necessarily received on the basis of one decision or one break, but being consistently brave at a number of twists and turns.

That’s why I sometimes like to mix up my lottery numbers.

I would never hurt you
Can’t say I’d never make you cry
Cause this life ain’t always easy
But in this world you complete me

We’re meant to speak by speaking
We run by running faster each day
And if I know how to love
It’s because you taught me how

Dear fortune and love
I heard you favour the brave
And if that’s the chase then you’ll always be safe
Cause you’re the bravest man I’ve ever known
Cause you’re the best thing I’ve ever known

I see my life in your eyes
They melt me like the snow in November does
And I am you and you are me
You deserve every possibility

So dear fortune and love
I heard you favour the kind
And if that is true then you’ll always be fine
Cause you’re the kindest man I’ve ever known
Cause you’re the best thing I’ve ever known

When we talk the world makes sense
And here with me I always go find our dreams
And make me a murder with a kiss
Cause your fingerprints forever mean like this so..

Dear fortune and love
I heard you fader the good
And if that is true then we’ll always be safe
Cause you’re the best thing I’ve ever known
You’re the best thing I’ve ever known

And I wish you all the fortune and love

Fortune And Love by Delta Goodrem

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