Jesus The Social Media Phenomenon

A guy from Hawaii is claiming that Indiana Jones got it all wrong.

Apparently the Holy Grail is not actually the cup that people have been searching for for ages.  Grail Hunters have been looking for a chalice believed to be used by Jesus at the Last Supper and have speculated it could be one of a number of chalices found in churches and museums across the globe.

However, author and historian Grigor Fedan has suggested that the Grail is actually a gospel written by Jesus himself, meaning that the Jones family were looking for the wrong artifact and Henry being saved was just fluke.  The cup is just a symbol of it.

As with all these things, the speculation is that the Knights Templar retrieved the Jesus written gospel and took it for safe keeping in one of those places that is so safe, no-one knows where it is.  It’s probably the same place as all those missing socks and keys though.

Does this mean that Jesus was essentially a blogger?  Given how many other New Testament authors wrote about Jesus, if he wrote about himself it must essentially be a diary, must it not?

I wonder how Jesus would have coped in an age of social media.

“Turned water in to wine. #nobigdeal #nojesusnoparty”

I mean, I know some people weren’t too fond of him so they nailed him to a cross, but I wonder if he’d have had the patience with trolling.  If he’d have been subjected to online abuse as well as what he would have faced in person, would he have decided that it wasn’t really worth his effort?

I wonder if Indiana Jones is thinking that he wasted his time too.



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