Making Improvements

Sometimes improving things doesn’t always make them better.

I don’t know how many of you fine readers of this here blog noticed that I was having some issues yesterday!  My blog had been going up and down on a very regular basis on Thursday and Friday.

For those of you who might not be using a self-hosted WordPress site, you can get Plugins to add functionality to your site. One of those is called Jetpack, and that basically treats your self-hosted blog like a hosted blog, giving you access to also sorts of fancy things especially around stats and security.

I checked my cPanel (this is geeky, isn’t it?) and pretty much all the server resources were getting maxed out.

I decided to make the most of my hosting support and they killed all the ongoing processes and disabled all the aforementioned plugins and things quietened down.  I then went in, made a load of updates and started enabling the plugins again.

Turns out that Jetpack is the culprit.  It looks like there were some updates made in the middle of last week and, well, for me, it’s not really made anything better.

Something else that happened throughout the troubleshooting processes was that my theme completely stopped working.  The entire blog wouldn’t load even when I had resources, but other packaged WordPress themes would.  I did some testing in a different environment and all was fine so I uploaded some replacement files but there was still a problem on the live site.

So, what are my morals of this story?

First off, sometimes trying to improve something doesn’t always make it better.  This is an issue I’ve alluded to in the past because I have a problem giving up something I really like on the off chance there can be something better.  Working out whether it is worth it isn’t always easy, especially when you can end up losing the good thing altogether.

Secondly, sometimes it causes you to make some other changes when everything goes wrong. Some regulars may notice some different colours and layout changes caused by having to rebuild my entire child theme.  Hopefully you like them!

This second thing can go a bit deeper.  There are a lot of cliches about one door closing and another opening and various others that I can’t quite remember.  I think it’s important, though, to make sure that the destruction is at least fair – being forced to do it isn’t always pleasant.  Jetpack might have something good and shiny, but it’s caused me lots of trouble and I didn’t ask for the new shiny thing! (I know they didn’t mean it though.)

I guess that change comes about for many reasons whether you like it or not.  Sometimes you just have to make the best of it, even if you would far rather just go back to how things were.

I’m limited.
Just look at me.
I’m limited.
And just look at you.
You can do all I couldn’t do.
So now it’s up to you,
For both of us.
Now it’s up to you.

I’ve heard it said,
That people come into our lives
For a reason
Bringing something we must learn.
And we are led to those
Who help us most to grow if we let them.
And we help them in return.
Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today
Because I knew you.

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes the sun,
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood.
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better
But because I knew you.
I have been changed for good.

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime.
So, let me say before we part:
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you.
You’ll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart.
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine
By being my friend.

Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea.
Like a seed dropped by a sky bird
In a distant wood.
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better
But because I knew you…

Because I knew you…

I have been changed for good.

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I’ve done,
You blame me for.

But then I guess,
We know there’s blame to share.

And none of it seems to matter anymore.
Like a comet pulled from orbit
(like a ship blown from its mooring)
As it passes the sun.
(by a wind off the sea)
Like a stream that meets a boulder
(like a seed dropped by a bird)
Halfway through the wood.
(in the wood)
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better.
I do believe I have been changed for the better.

And because I knew you…

Because I knew you…

Because I knew you
I have been changed…
For good.

For Good from Wicked

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  1. Ahh technology; brilliant when it works and a nightmare when it doesn’t! 😃🐻

    • It is, isn’t it? And still I decide to rely on it far more than I need to!

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