The Oh So Exciting Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, I’d be having a flat white because I haven’t had one for ages and, when they’re made properly (i.e. not just a latte in a fancy cup) they’re probably the best way to drink coffee in my opinion.

This week I’ve been enjoying the weather.  I actually have a tan at the moment! Other than the fact it’s fun, having a soft top car has the side benefit of allowing me to get some vitamin D by commuting to work.  Some people may know about my love for Jimmy Eat World and they are very much a “go to” band for me and topless driving.  I arrived to work the other morning with a smile on my face after 25 minutes in nice weather with the likes of I Will Steal You Back and Goodbye Sky Harbour.

I had an interesting meeting this week when someone who isn’t actually my line manager decided to go through my targets at work.  The deal with the company I work at is that we get given some objectives at the beginning of the year; achieve them all and we get a bonus, miss out on one and we don’t get a bonus.

However, they’re not always completely personal.  By that, I mean that if a subordinate misses out on a target, pretty much their entire team won’t get a bonus.

So I think my Might Be Line Manager was a little concerned when I told him that I didn’t really care about objectives considering that I’ve not been incentivised for the year.  He said that he was “75% shocked” that they’d chosen to do that, but didn’t disclose what the further 25% was.

Outside of work has been a little quiet.  I got up yesterday morning and was shattered and kind of instantly decided I wasn’t going out on Saturday night.  I was pretty happy with that decision  until about half past midnight Sunday morning when I really wanted to go out!  I really do wake up at the most inconsiderate of times!

Most of the daytime yesterday I spent alternating between being outside and fixing this blog.  If you click through to the previous few posts you’ll see that something went wrong.  I do like building websites, but I don’t like having to when I don’t want to!  Anyway, I got to put some things on the blog that I’ve wanted to play about with for a while, such as the spinning circles at the top of the site.  I have a lot of love for the spinning circles!

I actually really like designing stuff, but it always interests me how my thoughts progress! I started off with a concept of watercolour brush strokes and logo ideas, and the only thing that survived was the pink and orange colours.  Twas obviously more of an iteration than evolution and it’s still not finished but I lost interest.

This week I went to a birthday party – a nine year old’s birthday party.  We went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 which is as fun as the first one if not quite as good.  With the first one, things like the quirky music seemed natural but seemed a bit more forced second time around.  Still worth a watch though, I enjoyed it.  It gave me an idea for a post for next week too.

I got the birthday boy Pokémon cards.  Seeing as they were reduced for quick sale, I got myself a packet too and downloaded the app.  Turns out that it’s quite a fun game!

Talking of Pokémon, I caught a Girafarig.

I also walked through a tunnel.

I found football boots I’d be getting if was playing next season.

I had champagne colour boots first time round and loved them, and think these look great.

I found myself shaking my head when saw an 8 digit barcode on a two litre bottle of Diet Irn Bru.  Obviously there are much less 8 digit ones than 13 digit ones and, because they’re smaller physically, they’re usually reserved for things with a lot less real estate than 2 litre bottles.  The fact I noticed and then thought about it disappointed me.

I saw an event I want to go to.

And I noticed that when a lava lamp kind of starts to get going and then you turn it off, the wax is actually structured in hollow tubes.

Yep, I’m sad, I know.  I’ll just get back to drinking my coffee.  I hope you’ve had a week filled with similar levels of excitement!  I know it doesn’t really sound like I’ve had an exciting week, but I’ve enjoyed myself.

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