The Bad Start To Balls And Holes Coffee Share

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week I think I’d still get a hot one rather than an iced one despite the nice weather.  I can’t help but feel that iced coffees are just as excuse not give you as much milk.

Monday morning this week started tremendously well.

I woke up at 4am. I woke up at 6.20am.  Sadly, my 7am alarm didn’t go off.  I’d been lying there snoozing for a while hearing Moo shouting for his breakfast but thought I’d treat myself to those extra few minutes.  My brain suddenly kicked in and realised I’d been saying that to myself for a while.

I got up and did the bare minimum personal hygiene thing.  I then went to iron a shirt because I don’t seem to be one of these people who can get anything out the washing machine without it being screwed in to a tiny ball.  The iron didn’t work.  I managed to deduce that it was the plug sockets so moved the ironing board and started work on the shirt.

I finished and went to get some other things while I remembered, got back to the shirt and it looked like it had hardly been touched.  As I started to redo it I noticed it had a hole in it so decided to wear it anyway.

Moo has Dreamies before I leave the house.  I throw them to him one at a time and on Monday morning he decided to chase them and then sit there and look at them before eating them, so even the cat wasn’t being cooperative.

I then couldn’t find my debit card or my credit card but managed to find some random change scattered around the house.  I jumped in the car only for a lorry to pull out in front of me at a roundabout when it shouldn’t have done and I was stuck behind that for 20 minutes having to stop on national speed limit roads whenever there was another vehicle on the other side of the road that the lorry couldn’t get past.

Free from the lorry, I had to slam on at the next roundabout for another vehicle that came out in front of me, this time without looking.  Turns out that her car had a camera and a black box so I think she had an aversion to the break pedal, driving everywhere between 20-25mph and not stopping for any give ways.

I get to the office and some of the engineers are unpacking a trolley of wood over the barriers we have to scan through to get in.  I wait for them, get to the barrier and my pass isn’t working, meaning I have to join another queue to get a day pass.

I realise that that’s all very first world but I like complaining.  The bit that bugged me was that I was wide awake at 4.10am and could have got up then and been productive rather than having to run around like a mad person.

Going back to bed on Monday night, which may well have actually been Tuesday morning, I picked up the dream I was dreaming while I was snoozing in the morning.  I didn’t know that was possible.  We were at a castle which reminded me of the walls in Baku.  I know that we were talking but can’t really remember what it was about.

At work we appear to have hired 3 consultants to assist on the project I’m leading.  This surprised me because it is my project, it hasn’t started yet and I don’t need any external resource.  It also bothered me because, when negotiating to stay a bit longer to do this project, I sought assurances that it was my project and my responsibility but I didn’t ask for the responsibility just to manage people.  To me it meant doing the work and making the decision at the end, not just managing a project plan.  From meetings this week, it appears that the latter was what other people thought.

Other things this week… I realised that my work breakfast (as opposed to my home breakfast which happens earlier in the day) generates a helluva lot of packaging.

I heard a fact on wireless that trailers are called trailers because they used to follow the film rather than being before them.

I had more blog issues with the server crashing.  I’m tempted to reinstall the dodgy plug-in just in case it was an early casualty of the server getting fed up.  Anyway, apologies if you missed out on my daily rambling.

I fixed the PlayStation.

I was scared by these Friesian seat covers.

I felt pretty bad ass croozin’ to the Top Gun soundtrack.  Not everyone felt the same.

I celebrated the 2 year anniversary of eating the best rib I’ve ever had by not eating another rib.

I updated my “About Me” page after I noticed a spelling mistake.

I couldn’t understand why The Liquor Store had to say that all their cocktails were £8 five separate times on the same menu.  Why not just say, “All cocktails are £8”?

In other drink related news, I got an Elsa water bottle and thought of lots of innuendo.  Someone told me I should just let it go.

Talking of which, I seemed able to get my balls near the hole but not quite get it in.

And on that note, I’ll see you next week.  Have a guddun.

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