Balance And Bacon

Scientists have said that one of the best ways to stave off obesity is to eat less meat.  It can do as much as halve the risk, apparently.

The study recorded the diets of 16000 people for ten years. 584 became obese.  The link was made that the people who eat more plants and less meat were less likely to be the ones struggling with their waist lines, and this is supposedly because meat contains more fat and is denser in calories so people take in more calories before feeling full.

It took them 10 years to notice that? I’m assuming that there must have been a bit more to study than that.

Scientists are suggesting a particular type of diet and they’re calling it flexitarianism.

Dear me, so we really have to have a name for everything? In this instance, I think it already has a name – being an omnivore.

Other coverage had called it “part time vegetarianism”.  That causes me “issues” too, because, say, I ordered steak and chips.  When I eat the chips and being vegetarian.  Even with a mixed grill there’s normally at least a tomato.  Maybe a mushroom.

My other problem is that the reports I read talk about “eating more vegetables” or “eating less meat”.  You can still eat a shed load of meat and eat more vegetables than vegetarians.

Of course, studies about our diets are not new.  There has been another one this week I think talking about alcohol advice for expectant mothers.  However, it appears to be rare for a lay person like to find studies that don’t simply recommend balance and being sensible which I think the lat person like me would presume anyway.

Of course, there was that one about bacon being a carcinogen, but let’s just ignore that one.

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