The Refreshing Coffee Share


I’ve been on the flat whites again but, being honest, I think these baristas are just making the same coffee whatever the order, and just putting it in different shape cups.

Why is it that saying “cups” as a collective term for vessels that you drink out of sounds childish when compared to mugs or glasses? When I think of “cup” I think of childish plastic or the Holy Grail.

Anyway, I’m getting a little sidetracked already.  Let’s start with work.

I still, if you have been keeping up with my complaining since the start of the year, have not got any paperwork.  Absolutely nothing.  I have seemingly got a few people arguing over me, though, and internal politics is beginning to do my head in.  While everyone is aiming at pretty much the same thing, different people have different reasons for doing it against different timelines.

Oh, and they seem to be negotiating a permanent role for me that appears to be the same as one that was redundant in January.  I know it was made redundant in January because it was my job back then, too.

Away from work, I had a friend say over this weekend so decided it was time to further my spring cleaning.

I have a problem in that I seem to collect “stuff”, things like books, magazines and CDs.  In other words, things that take up space.  The magazines I get are ones that generally have practical things to do in them that I buy to learn stuff – magazines like Web Designer and the official Raspberry Pi one.

I tend not to throw those magazines out because I might need some of the articles at one point or another.  I’m also atrocious at throwing out or trading in my music because I like having the discs and the sleeve notes and stuff.

I have noticed over the last few weeks that some of the clothes I’ve been wearing are pretty old, especially when it comes to work because I tend not to throw those out either.  We don’t have a particular dress policy at work.  You might call it business casual but I think you can get away with a level or two below that.  Therefore I wear casual shirts with open collars and jeans, but the shirts haven’t been majorly updated for years and my jeans haven’t fit properly since my snowboarding holiday this year.

So, for the first time I think, I’ve refreshed my wardrobe.  I got 4 work shirts and three pairs of jeans (because the latter were 3 for the price of two).  The plan is to only keep these in my wardrobe, along with only a few things I need for wearing out of work than can be mixed and matched.  Everything else will go in a bin bag or three and if I don’t wear it by the next time I need to do a clear out it’ll go to a charity place.

Moo Cat was not happy about having this particular visitor.  He’s had them before but for some reason was overly bothered by this one.  He wanted to be anywhere but near her and last night seemed to be acting like a kid not wanting to go to bed and finding all sorts of other things to do, like wanting to look in cupboards.

I woke up this morning and he was sat on my bedside table, looking at me.  Keeping in mind that my bedside table is maybe a foot square and already had on it my watch, a book and a lava lamp, there isn’t a great deal of space for a rather large black and white cat.

He’s still not sure that he wants to go back in the West Wing guest room.

A few other things…

I tried to photobomb a Bloody Mary and failed, but hurt my back.

I found out that female goats only have two teats.  Amazing.

I power washed my bathroom carpet and thought I did a good job…

…until I put the original ones I thought were clean next to the new ones.

I got fortune cookies (the furthest one away is yours, right?)…

…but no new Pokémon.  Instead, this came up on my Timehop which I realised I would have known nothing about at the time it was sent to me all those years ago.

I hope you had a good week and your coffee was alright, whatever you ordered.  Was good to see you, anyway.

Give me just a moment,
calling, hear me calling.
Can’t take this I’m broken,
get me out of here…

Words of broken silence,
calling, hear them calling.
Will to breathe and come alive,
get me out of here…

Run for miles, lost myself
Nearly lost my life, been through hell
but I’m ho-o-ome,

Caught in fire, watch me burn,
I’m gonna live my life, mark these words
’cause I’m ho-o-ome,

Here’s where I’m stronger
’cause home’s where this heart… belongs!


Desperate, did you notice,
I protect you, though I’m falling.
Pleasures did you notice,
I’m leaving you alone.

Days I count to let go,
of these dark nights, dark nights…
Pain they caused, I let go,
time to breathe again…

Keep the faith,
’till the morning comes…
I’ll be on my way,
now I’m strong.

Here’s where I’m stronger
’cause home’s where this heart-
I’ve been far but I know this where I… belong!

Ohh… Oo-oo-ooh!

Home by Jake Isaac


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