Ola La La

A picture of dancer Ola Jordan walking round in the buff caught my eye the other day.

Only she wasn’t actually naked, she just looked it.  She was wearing a skin tight PVC dress that, in a small thumbnail in my peripheral vision, certainly gave the impression of a birthday suit.

The picture was of Ola appearing on an episode of Loose Women.  I didn’t watch it (for the avoidance of doubt), but apparently the segment that caused her to wear such attire was one in which a few women were dressed by their partners in clothes that said partners would like to see their wives and girlfriends wear more often.

Other than Ola, former glamour model was dressed in something that covered her up and Stacey Solomon (she was on X-Factor but I’m not sure what she does now) was dressed in a tuxedo type affair.

Although, as I have mentioned numerous times, I am far from fashionable, I understand that what we wear can be an expression of our identity.  I don’t know what sort of expression I give off from wearing things that I simply find comfortable.  I also seem to have far more clothes in the sort of red / pink spectrum than any other and, again, I’m not sure what that says.

I wonder what it really says, though, when you are choosing clothes for someone else.  One of the things that annoys me the most in Christmas sales is women buying clothes for the men in their lives.

“Do you think he’ll like this?” they’ll ask.  The answer is probably that if he cared, he would be there with you.  I’ve very rarely bought anyone a piece of clothing other than something that I know they’ve wanted and I’ve trodden carefully when significant women have asked my opinion on clothes because, at the end of the day, it’s what they want to wear that is important which means it’s only my business if they want to wear it for my “benefit”.

So, then, to be a fly on the wall in the Jordan, Price and Solomon households.  Ms. Price looked angry while Stacey looked actually pretty pleased.  I think for James Jordan it could probably have gone either way!


Post also partly inspired by Loving is Dirty Work by Liberty.

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