Political Answers

We’d been talking about the General Election in the office.  It was a wide-ranging conversation that not only covered manifesto policies but party politics and “wasted votes” only being wasted votes if everyone believes that they are.

Realising that I did actually have some opinions but had done very little research on which each party was offering, I jumped online and did some questionnaires that would tell me who should I vote for at the end.  I figured that this would be a good starting point with which to continue more research by saying what I thought about key things and having them matched to manifestos.

The first one I did was at The Guardian and I got Labour.  I moved on to Who Should You Vote For and got Conservative with a majority around that which most commentators think they will get later on today.

“OK, best of three,” I thought.  “After all, this is a two horse race.”

The last one was at I Side With.  This was an interesting one because, despite the banner image of the Houses Of Parliament and red busses, some of the questions seemed kind of, well, American.  It also spoke of “assassinating” terrorists and started with questions on abortion, adoption and gay marriage which are all subjects I haven’t heard discussed on the news recently inline with the election.

Only the “stupid thing” (I deleted obscenities and replaced them with something more professional if less descriptive) told me I should vote Liberal Democrat!  It had me as 62% Lib Dem, 60% Labour and only 50% Tory, while also saying that I seem to agree with UKIP’s policies on social policy which is a bit worrying!

It left me thinking that maybe its not always about what you say but rather how you say it, and not what you ask but how you ask it.  Even the questionnaires were reinforcing the old adage that politicians never give clear answers!

Marry your uniform
Right now
Remember your first pair of eyes?

And vote for dummy
I’ll tell you the truth
Then I’ll tell you a joke
The ultimate good move
Life will be a piece of cake
Please find me a river

Develop the film of your life
Right now
Remember to turn off the light

And vote for me dummy…

Please find me an island

Vote For Me, Dummy by Guided By Voices

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