The “I’ve Been Away” Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, I guess we’d be having it al fresco given the weather.  Maybe a river, in the countryside, alongside a picnic.

I know that my work weeks are following a pattern and regular readers are probably getting bored of hearing about it.  If you read yesterday’s post, though, you may have thought / realised / casually observed / not even thought about the fact that I’ve been out and about this week.

I was not best pleased about the reason for the trip, considering that the consultants I was due to be meeting decided that they weren’t going to go, so being away to basically just sit on a phone in a different office seemed a bit pointless.

I went to bed on the Sunday night far later than I wanted to.  I got a new laptop at work a few weeks ago and they hadn’t given me a charger for it so I drove to the office and picked up the one that goes in to the dock on my desk.  When I got it home I found that it didn’t fit my laptop.  Marvellous.

Not that I sleep at the best of times the night before an early get up, but the taxi driver also got me confused with one of his airport pick-ups and rang me at 2am.  My alarm went off at 4, I was packed and on the road by half past and arrived at the airport under an hour later.

Because I couldn’t turn on the laptop, I hadn’t checked in.  I did it at the airport and was told that I was on the stand-by list (with airlines being legally able to oversell flights).  I cheekily asked whether they could just give me my money back and compensation there and then, and wasn’t prepared for the answer that that was indeed possible.

That gave me a dilemma.  If I got everything sorted there and then, I would still be in the office for the normal time, and that seemed a waste! I also know that our expenses policy is a nightmare and trying to do anything fancy is even harder.  It crossed my mind that I’d be saving the company money given the seemingly pointless nature of the trip.  Above all, I can be such a pessimist nowadays that I expected the Bitch Karma to bite me because my main reason for asking for a refund would have been that I simply didn’t want to go.

So I hung about and it turned out that sum f****er didn’t rock up, so I jumped on my flight.

On the Tuesday we started the workshops.  It was a rocky start given that the first one ended with the consultants asking us what the purpose of their being on the project was.  I’d questioned that with my manager weeks before.  They reported back to their business manager and I was copied on an e-mail to my boss the day after, the tone of which I didn’t appreciate.

Basically, we started a project before the consultants were engaged by different people to do nearly the same thing.  I’d told everyone where we were up to on multiple occasions, but the business manager didn’t know.  So I pulled apart the business case I’d finally been sent, showed where I thought the projects were working together and simultaneously found a huge problem with it and have put them on the back foot.  That’s not really in the spirit of collaborative team work though, is it?

The town I was in is pretty picturesque.  It’s why I wouldn’t rule out moving there for work if I needed to if I felt that the time was right.  There’s also something kinda nice about being in a place where supermarkets close of a night.  It feels sociable.

The hotel I was in had soap made of sugar.  I wanted to taste it, but showed great restraint and didn’t!

I also remembered my favourite Dutch word:

It works on so many levels, not just the fact that it means whipped cream.

I was more than happy for the working week to be over, but it has been a good test of sticking to my convictions and backing my own feelings about what is right.  After that confidence took a massive battering last year, I take every positive.

Outside of work, I can’t say much as happened because I haven’t been around.  We went to the casino for the first time in ages and I didn’t win one single blackjack hand.  I seemingly kept drawing 14 and couldn’t get lucky either on my subsequent cards or the dealers.

I’ve spent as many daylight hours as I can outside this weekend and it’s been great.  I have some colour, which I just have to stop turning in to peel!  Today we managed to squeeze in a barbecue as well.

On the picture with the table, spot the thing that really annoys me… Yes, top down ketchup, with the top up.

Does. My. Head. In.

I got two new albums this week.  If you’re looking for new music I recommend How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood and Blossoms’ self titled album.

I also got a bit fussy…

I hope you’ve had a great week.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it for a brew next week.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Every time I’m with it alone
It picks me up
You just send me down
I can feel it rushing under my skin
You’re a cage won’t you let me in?
On my toes
Lock the door
Pretty face
Through the walls
Don’t know if I’d be so sure again

My eyes are still burning red
So turn the lights out
You’re not so hard to forget
With all the lights out

Every time I’m stuck in the ground
Spin me round, won’t you spin me round
You’re a void, a crack in the mirror
See me now, if you could see me now
You slipped through
The night
Then walked out
Skin tight
But you don’t matter that much to me
No you don’t matter that much to me

My eyes are still burning red
So turn the lights out
You’re not so hard to forget
With all the lights out
So turn the lights out
Just turn the lights out

My eyes are still burning red
So turn the lights out
You’re not so hard to forget
With all the lights out

Lights Out by Royal Blood


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