I’m In Love With Diana

Having watched Batman v Superman, I knew one thing for sure – Wonder Woman was going to be my favourite comic book character.

I actually haven’t read any reviews on the Wonder Woman movie, and have only just watched is myself.  My first reactions are that I absolutely loved the film, and I think I fell in love with Diana Prince.


Let me explain why before I get accused of anything misogynistic, although I will admit that Gal Gadot’s face and portrayal may have played a small part in reflecting what I’m hopefully about to say.

From the moment Princess Diana of Themyscira sets sail with Steve Trevor to find war, you know that she’s going to be badass.  But the thing I liked about this start is that most of the comic book universe origin stories come from some sort of revenge.  Wonder Woman wants to help because she wants to help.  No other motive than doing the right thing.

Then there’s the sexual chemistry between Diana and Steve.  From the comment about men being unnecessary for pleasure to the fact that it was Diana that led Steve to the bedroom, on the back of most films that can lead to complaints about the male objectification of women, it’s good to see.

While there is no doubt that the rest of the male characters would quite like to be Steve, they are impressed by her badassery rather than just her looks which are secondary.  The emphasis is on her as strong and powerful.

The point I alluded to earlier about Gadot’s face was also a reference further than the fact that she is beautiful.  What I loved was the honesty of the emotions at various points.  I’m no film critic and I’m certainly no actor so I don’t speak from a position of authority, but the emotions and feelings of Gadot’s Wonder Woman seemed more real than I’ve seen from any comic book film.

Sure, there’s the standard (cheesy?) comic book lines that one would expect, but I go back to what I said at the start.  If this is feminism, then fine, but this is the first comic book that I come away as a man inspired to just be myself and doing what I think is right in a circumstance.

I’m not sure that Batman or Superman ever did that for me, and that’s why I’m in love with Diana Prince.

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