Indecent Disclosure

I love a good “Day”.  There’s the obvious ones – Christmas, Birth, Valentines.  Then there’s the less known ones – Something On A Stick Day (28th March), Fight Procrastination Day (6th September) and International No Panty Day (22nd June). Apparently tomorrow is World Disclosure Day.

World Disclosure Day is on 8th July to mark the day the US Air Force did a U-turn in the Roswell UFO case, and said that officers had found crashed weather balloon parts in the New Mexico desert near Roswell, a day after saying that it was a crashed flying saucer had been found.

Apparently the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) who invented the day hope to get enough backing to push Donald Trump to admit that UFOs visited earth.  Their website says that they need 100,000 signatories.  Trouble is that they’ve only got 6000.

I can’t help but think it’s a great plan though.  With someone like Trump, you could literally get him to say anything and one group will think it’s true while the other will starting making fake news memes.

“They” say that you can say anything with enough authority for people to believe it and, on the flip side,  there’s the boy who cried wolf and lied so often that no-one believed him when he was right.  It got me thinking that if there was somewhere a little bit in between, not quite so sinister, where someone knows enough that they’re not quite sure.

Something like me saying I’m getting a new car tomorrow.  People know I like cars.  It’s possible, but I’m not.

What would you disclose to someone if you could just laugh it off afterwards if you got the wrong reaction?


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