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How’s your week been? I hope your OK.  If we were having a coffee this week I wouldn’t be sure whether it should be a hot or cold one but, for me at least, it would be well needed.

I’ve been back over to The Netherlands this week.  Rather disappointingly I woke up an hour early on Monday morning and failed to realise that that probably gave me enough time to watch the season premiere of Game Of Thrones before I went.

I checked in to the flight and thought it seemed rather cheap.  I hadn’t booked checked luggage.  I went to the customer service desk expecting to have to pay £30 and was only charged £4.  I thought that was an administration fee but turns out that it was only £4 to take a bag which I’m sure is much cheaper than paying in advance of the flight.

My reason for going was a two day workshop that was supposed to have happened the last time I was there but failed due to lack of key attendees after I booked my flights.  It was a pretty successful couple of days but was really full on and quite exhausting to be going over the same stuff with the same people for two straight days and not being able to leave all of them behind when I left the office!

I say pretty successful because it confirmed a lot of what I already knew.  I don’t count it as being entirely successful because I would have ideally liked some more disruptive thinking.  It all seemed a little easy to get the result we did, while particularly taxing to think about it for that long.

The middle evening of the two days, I’d walked back to the hotel because it was a nice day and had agreed to meet people for dinner at whatever time it was supposed to be.  I sat down on my room and promptly fell asleep!  I was only ten minutes late but still.

It was really hot over there for most of the week (certainly while I was there) and the hotel doesn’t have air conditioning.  I slept with the window open but one night some people started digging up the restaurant next door and all I could hear until the early hours was the sound of shovelling and bricks being piled together.

I got to see some of my friends while I was over there which was good.

Feeling particularly worn out, I decided to leave the office early to go catch my flight, which was the last one bound for home out of Amsterdam.  I needed to pay for my bag again and, again, was only charged 5 euros and that included speedy boarding. Moral of the story? Don’t pay for advanced baggage on Easy Jet.

Needless to say, the flight was delayed till 22.30.  We eventually took off at about 23.15.  Baggage reclaim took an age at the airport and by the time Moo and I had debriefed on the week’s events it was far too late for me on a school night.

Thankfully I managed to leave the office early on Friday and went to go pick up my new snowboard boots.

Having discussed the holiday last weekend and bought the boots, next February seems an awful long way off!  I think it will be good to finally have my own footwear though.  I have funny feet so having some footwear that I can mould to them will be good, and certainly better than renting a pair that’s been worn by loads of people before me.

This weekend has been fun.  I went to a friend’s birthday party last night.  We had a BBQ which didn’t too likely for long periods of time but we managed to avoid the rain and it was nice to be able to catch up with some people I haven’t seen for years.  I always think it’s an interesting thing when you haven’t seen someone for so long but fit straight back in to normality, like it was yesterday that you last spoke.

I decided to go to the beach this morning, but was surprised to see the tide in which is very, very rare where I live.  As I was walking to the beach I saw some of the new Legendary Pokémon in gyms and thought I’d never have a chance of trying to catch one.  I looked up and saw loads of people on their phones so decided to join in! Unfortunately the Lugia ran away.

But anyway, I already got a few new Pokémon for the week.

What else? I was amused by this sign in a public toilet.  Well, amused and baffled maybe…? Baffled by people who may need it.

I think that’s about it.  I just wanted to say something about this blog though.  I mentioned a while ago how proud I was that I’d managed to go a whole 365 days with at least one blog post a day.  Since I’d been keeping that streak going I set myself an unofficial goal to go for a full calendar year.  I don’t know if it’s just a result of how tired I’ve been recently but I’ve been lacking a bit of inspiration meaning that some posts are worse than normal.

If you’re not too bored of me, hopefully we’ll be able to have a brew again.

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  1. Judy Dykstra-Brown

    I saw one of the signs of someone standing crouched down on the toilet bowl on a boat between Indonesia and Tanjanpenang 45 years ago! Obviously, the education campaign hasn’t worked.

    • Haha! That made me laugh out loud (I’m too old to use “lol”)! I think I’m just jealous that my inflexibility wouldn’t allow me to sit like that anyway, let alone on a toilet.

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