42% Still Probably Can’t Think For Themselves

Fifty years after homosexuality was partially decriminalised in the UK, a survey by PinkNews has suggested that 42% of the people who answered the question about whether they believed gay sex was natural or unnatural provided the latter as their answer.

Now, I can be fussy.  I also enjoy playing Devil’s Advocate sometimes.  At university, my Family Law lecturer invited me to continue a particular discussion after the tutorial we were in because I was arguing that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed by citing a theoretical definition about marriage as a stable structure in which to raise a family.

It’s all a bit sketchy nowadays with divorce apparently so simple, marriage so disposable and many couples choosing not to make public promises of their commitment to each other, in the eyes of their god or otherwise.  It is logic I could use, though, to say that gay sex is also unnatural if you take the only biological reason for it – reproduction.

Producing a baby requires a mummy and daddy.  The plumbing of a daddy and a daddy or a mummy and a mummy does not allow for effective reproduction, and therefore it’s unnatural.  Cast aside any opinions you have on the subject and take what I said at face value for a second… Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

OK, OK, I hear you! Yes, I’ve made an assumption and somewhat laid aside the other reasons we like other people touching our genitals – fun and enjoyment, and a way of forging emotional connections.  Those reasons… Do they become unnatural because of who we choose our partner to be? No, they don’t.

Feeling urges and preference for one thing over another is also entirely natural.

The PinkNews survey found a trend in the age of respondents – older generations were against equal rights for gay people with the younger generations surveyed going the other way.  I’m going to guess that those replying with “don’t know” actually didn’t want to give an answer rather than not knowing it.

It’s when I see surveys like this that I wish I could see more of the data and more of the responses to dig a little deeper than the headline figures.  It would be great to see why the ideas are so engrained and whether they are informed opinions based on free thought or ones that people just have because that’s the way they’ve been taught things should be.  Or maybe, occasionally like me, people just being fussy.

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