The Adulting and Childing Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this weekend, we’d definitely have to go out for it because my coffee machine is having some issues with a part I can’t get out to clean.

It’s been a bit of a sucky end to the week for me.

Have you ever had a mix of emotions whereby you see an opportunity for yourself but it means someone else losing one, but it turns out not to be so which turns everything on its head?

I don’t want to talk about it too explicitly, but about 10 days ago I started to notice something and my brain managed to put two and two together and come up with a story that this might be good for me.  Unfortunately in the scenario I was thinking of, the good news could only happen to one person and, while I’m not generally an optimist, I allowed myself to dream while hoping that the other people involved were OK.

As it happens, I got 2+2 wrong which means the others are happy and I’m happy for them (genuinely and somewhat surprisingly, to be honest), but it still leaves me shy an opportunity I’ve wanted for a while.

Then last night I got a bit of bombshell about a situation that still feels wrong.  Again, I have to skirt round it.  The main situation feels wrong, as I said, but it’s also having a knock effect on someone else’s health.  It’s a strange one and hard one because in most situations you obviously try to get everyone out the other side in positive fashion.  In this one, I can’t see how to do it and I can’t work out which man to leave behind, if I use that sort of analogy.  Playing a waiting game, it’s possible for everyone to be fine but I can’t judge it.

So what else vastly more insignificant things have happened this week?

Work has been interesting.  A month or so ago, I ventured an opinion on the three projects I’ve been given and how I didn’t believe them to be quite right.  Alas, one has been cancelled and one has been moved to another function.  I have one more that I’m expecting the final report for within the next few weeks but that one is going exactly as I said it would as well.  It may give me a surprise but it’s not looking like it so far.

One of the weirder things that happened this week was when I was walking along footpaths.  I can’t remember which day it was, probably Tuesday.  I was walking down the road and was past by a van whose passenger screamed at me through the window, just to make me jump.  And it did!

I was walking along another footpath the next day and it happened twice more!  I can kind of understand it being a joke, but it also struck me that it is very trusting about the state of my heart health.

I say this next bit with the normal caveat.  Yes, I’m a fully grown adult in my 30s.  So, Pokémon Go… They introduced a new part to the game whenever it was called Raids.  This is basically a strong Pokémon that you need a few people to battle against (in most instances).  This last few weeks “Legendary” Pokémon have been released and these require about 10 or 11 normal players to defeat.

I got a Lugia and 3 Articunos!

This means that online communities have been getting together and organising groups to go out.  I’ve tagged on to a few of these when I’ve been out and about and it’s really interesting to see the diversity of people that are going.  There are parents with kids, couples, older people (like, twice my age nearly!).  I’ve also liked the fact that people who already have the Pokémon are helping others to do it even if it costs them money.

It’s kinda cool.  It’s why I don’t have problems with people calling me a child because it’s only when we remember to play that we can remember that somethings are pretty unimportant.  That and because I know that I can also zone in to being serious when I need to.  It’s all about balance.  I just wish I could work out answers to the adult things that happened this week.

Hope you’ve had a good week.  Speak to you next Sunday.

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