A Sixth Sense, Maybe

This last week or so I’ve been experiencing some weird feelings.

I’ve had at least 3 experiences of déjà vu (once at work, once while out at the weekend at once at home yesterday) and tonight I’ve had a “feeling” since about 18.30.

I have no idea what it relates to and I can only describe it as kind of butterflies and nervousness combined, just a feeling that something is going to happen.  I’ve spoken to friends and family and checked social media and nothing seems to be afoot.  The feeling is hanging about so I’ve made a hot chocolate and plan to have a relatively early night.  I also really fancy some cake, but I have none and there’s only 8 minutes until the shop up the road closes.

Damn it.  I used a mug and my dishwasher is broken.


Apparently a few people have done some experiments measuring the body’s reaction to calming images and those at the other end of the spectrum.  Unsurprisingly, the test subjects reaction to pictures of lakes and mountains didn’t ellicit too much of a response.  The pictures of spiders and other scary things were the opposite and the graphs of the reactions spiked all over the place.

No big deal – that should be expected.  The unexpected thing is the spikes in the graph for the scary pictures before the picture was shown, which was a result not seen on the calming images.

Spooky.  There are some limitations to the experiments, but the results as they stand are certainly pushing being conclusive.

I guess the scientists will have to wait to find out whether they’re really right, and I’ll have to find out whether I have just wind or not.  For now, though, where’s my toothbrush? It’s time for bed.

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