Protecting The Planet

It’s always a pretty difficult thing for me to explain what I do at work.

My first role was as an HR Administrator.  I then became an HR and Payroll Administrator, before I became a Quality Specification Administrator.  I became a permanent employee when I became a Data Administrator and got my feet on the first rung of the management ladder as a Business Workflow Manager.

That changed in to Business Workflow and HR Authorisations Manager when HR decided they didn’t want to that piece of work because it got in the way of them working out how many trees they could plant from people’s salary, or drinking tea.

Things started to get a little more complicated when I joined a project.  We had some restructuring that meant I took on vast amounts more responsibility but lost my “Manager” title and became an “Analyst”.  Even when I started managing the project team I’m not sure anyone actually ever changed my title.

And that was the last job title I can actually remember seeing on any paperwork.

Nowadays, it’s easier for me to say what I do rather than group up everything under a title, and that says it all considering no-one gets even that.  That goes for both people inside and outside of work.  The only time I venture something different is when I’m being really cynical.

Which brings me to NASA’s new job posting – Planetary Protection Officer.  How cool?!

The job, which pays between $124,406 to $187,000 a year plus benefits, will involve preventing alien contamination during NASA space missions. They’re also supposed to prevent any alien microorganisms from reaching earth.

Can you imagine the stories you could tell your friends about what you do in that job?! Well, if the job didn’t come with a “secret” security clearance, and non-US citizens aren’t technically eligible, thanks to an executive order signed by President Gerald Ford in 1976.

If you’re interested, NASA will be accepting applications for a new planetary protection officer until 14th August.


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