The Coffee Share Where The Coffee Went Cold

Part 1


If we were having a coffee this week, let’s have it with a slice of cake.  I fancy cake.  It would obviously have to be a piece each, though.

Erm, so, this week.  I think it was Tuesday where I posted that I had a funny feeling about something.  My mother hasn’t been very well over the last few weeks so I’ve been trying to keep in contact.  I spoke to her on Tuesday night as I did a few other people and she seemed as well as she had been.  On Wednesday morning I couldn’t get hold of either parent until Dad answered and said that things weren’t good.

Things are up and down and one day she’ll seem better and some days are completely the opposite.  It sucks for everyone, but most of all for her.

This week at work I was reminded how much I hate long meetings.  On Wednesday afternoon I cancelled some meetings.  This was partly because they were daily recurring meetings which I find to have limited usefulness anyway and mainly because I wanted to be able to ring the parents to find out about the results of hospital appointments.

The people I was supposed to be having the meetings with decided to put “working sessions” in my diary for Thursday and Friday which is fine when that’s genuinely what they are, but when it’s three hours at a time of them reading a spreadsheet to me, it’s very difficult to keep concentration.  My brain was mush by the end of each session.

I left work on Friday after somewhat raining on someone’s parade.  Apparently we’d acquired around $10m of funding for a project but two of us seem to disagree on the scope of the problem.  One person thinks that 600 things are affected, which would be a big deal.  My figure is 4, which isn’t!  Because we’re not even close, one of us is doing our calculations very wrong.  Given that mine took me a week of developing macros that still take 3 hours to get through all the data, I’m pretty confident in them.

Yesterday I was intent on just having a bit of fun, as selfish as that sounds given what I started this post with.

Part 2

And now a few hours later, I’m currently sat in A&E after my Dad had an incident with a circular saw versus left index finger. These incidents annoy him because he can’t stitch it himself with only one hand.

Personally, I’m more worried because no-one seems to be coming out the “Minor Injuries” room.

There are two more interesting things looking round the waiting room. The first is that there are very people disappearing in to treatment rooms who actually look unwell or in any degree of discomfort. The second is that the 50 inch or so TV hanging from the wall is wasted without an aerial socket.

A woman has just walked in with more boob showing than late night Babe Station and I can smell her perfume from the other side of the room.

Anyway, where was I? Ooh, Take That has just come on.

Erm. Oh yeah, fun weekend? Seems a little unimportant at the moment. Yesterday I decided to have a lie in only to be woken up by Moo wanting food.

Retail therapy was already on the agenda so I went in to the city. I walked 27.4km.

That’s over 17 miles. I did cover a lot of distance but I’m not sure I’ve ever done 17 miles in a day when the purpose wasn’t to cover the miles.

I ended up not buying anything, either, other than a second hand Big Bang Theory box set.

Part 3

I got Dad home again.  He’d got bored waiting to see a plastic surgeon and, after a few conversations, had established that they weren’t going to do a great deal more there and then anyway, so asked them just to bandage it and off we went we went.

I then went out to see a friend I haven’t seen for ages – we think maybe 3 years.  I’m quite lucky that all of the people I’ve classed as friends at one time or another, whenever we meet up, it always feels like yesterday.

And the other stuff…

I got 31.6 miles to the gallon this morning! Woohoo! That’s nearly efficient…

Yes, I was so impressed that I took a photo before leaving the car.

I caught some new Pokémon!

I’ve also just realised that listening to the Big Band Theory theme tune throws me back a couple of years to when I last watched it.

Anyway, I’m guessing your brew has gone cold.  Hopefully you didn’t eat my cake while I was away.

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