How To Literally Spice Up Your Sex Life

Being a bit of a geek and liking toys, I like to look at new technology and new things to try to understand what hole in our lives they’re trying to fill.

And that is a far better opening sentence than I was intending when it comes to the news that an Indian condom company called Manforce is introducing a spicy new Achaari flavour to its lineup.  Achaari, for those who don’t know, is a type of lime pickle accompaniment to main meals.

So, why?

Well, savoury are flavours are generally missing from most company’s rosters so this could certainly spice up a bland sex life.

Unlike sweet, fruity flavours though, a curry isn’t synonymous with sex in any way you care to think about it.  Considering my ability to sweat at anything hotter than a korma, combined with the bloating caused by rice and half a family sized naan bread, it’s safe to say that I can’t think of many instances where I feel more unsexy than after a curry.

Nor have I ever been in the middle of the act and thought, “I know what I fancy – a chicken dhansak and a chapati.”  It’s hardly cream and strawberries.

“Ooh, and a salted lassi.”

The main thought though is that the tingling sensation caused by spicy food either while eating or the day after isn’t a particularly pleasurable one for me.  Why would anyone want that feeling (and presumably smell) on the most sensitive parts of their body?

Or maybe it’s just me.

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