The New Things And Old Batteries Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this weekend it would be a flat white that my friend from Australia would call a latte because it’s served in a glass.

This was the week in which I discovered arguably the worst table plant I’ve seen because it’s barely a centimetre high, or arguably the best because it’s barely a centimetre high.

I’m trying to remember what happened this week, which is kinda ironic considering my excessive bouts of deja vu are still happening.  I’m accepting it as my brain just not keeping up even if that’s a little odd considering I slept for 12 hours last night and was sure I’d walked on that particular path seeing that particular thing this morning.

I strangely remember a blonde woman having to slam on her car’s brakes so as not to pull out in front of me at a roundabout.  As she did so, I noted that she wasn’t entirely unattractive.  Then I looked in my rearview mirror to see her excavating her nose which was bad enough, but she then ate her findings.  She was a fully grown adult.  It’s something I would rather forget.

This was the second straight week I’ve seen a friend I haven’t seen for a few years.  Maybe a few more to go.

Friends I haven’t seen in years, not years.

Apparently I need to change the battery in my car key.

I have no idea how.  I’ve even managed to take the end off the key but can’t locate any removable parts inside the thing.

A few weeks ago I mentioned getting “feelings” that something was going to happen but not knowing what it was.  I still don’t know what it was / is, but the feelings are still coming and going.

Moo ate a kitchen roll.  I don’t know why he feels the need to bite paper wrapped round a tube, but he does.

I found a guitar I want.

At work, I’m getting ready to draw my “I told you so” card and I think I might actually enjoy it, if it happens.  There are some bizarre goings on whereby some people are finally thinking that what I suggested 18 months ago was actually a good idea.  Of course, I’m not sure there’s anyone still there to remember that it was my idea.

I got to go for brunch at my favourite place today.  I had chocolate and peanut pancakes and a custard and apple crumble milkshake.  Yes, I ordered from the kids’ menu, apparently.

And seeing as I ordered from the kids’ menu, it kinda makes sense to end with the fact that I caught the final legendary Pokémon that has been released and got to level 37 in the process.

I hope that you’re having fun, wherever you are, whatever you’re eating and whatever you’re doing.

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