Offence By Disappointment : Nudity

One of the more interesting / fun / not really things I learnt while studying a Law degree is that nudity in itself is not actually a criminal offence in England and Wales.

The Sexual Offences Act (2003) only makes it an offence if you expose your genitals to someone with the intention of causing alarm of distress.  You can be arrested for nudity though, as a breach of the peace.  It’s kinda weird.

This is why it was interesting that a headline last week said that a fashion designer “shocks with NAKED fashion show”.  If he shocked, why weren’t he and / or his models arrested?

Danish designer Nicholas Nybro presented his latest collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week and debuted nudes for spring/summer 2018.

He said:

I always design my collections with an important topic in mind.

I chose the body, because I believe there is so much around us, both in the world and in fashion that tries to dictate the perception of the perfect body.

We have become so timid and afraid to show our bodies and display what is underneath the clothes, which should be so natural.

My collection is therefore a tribute to the human body and it’s thousands different ways of looking – something that constantly changes throughout life.

It’s a good message about body confidence, but I had another question about it.  As someone who has never been to a fashion show I don’t know, but it you do go, would it be disappointing to go and not see clothes?

Disappointment was actually one of the kind of jokes about the criminal aspect of nudity and offence.  I’ll let you work that one out for yourself.

Kind of inspired by a prompt for today – willy-nilly.

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