The Horizontal And Vertical Boring Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week it would be a cortado.  I think we had one a few weeks ago but I’m really enjoying them at the moment.

Regular readers of my blog will / might know that I am in a precarious employment position, in that I lose my job at the end of the year.  That’s been put back from March, and in the meantime I’ve been given some projects to keep me occupied.

I got one of those cancelled because it was stupid.  Another one has completed this week.  The report was written by a consultancy company and it is just the most underwhelming outcome of the large amount of effort and money that was invested in it.  I have pretty much learnt nothing and it’s taken nearly 4 months that could have been spent doing something more useful.

So that was a bit frustrating.  Moo also got frustrated by a pigeon.

Given that he’s now chasing ice cream sticks across the living room, I’m guessing he’s got over it.

Earlier this week I watched football while drinking rose lemonade out of a champagne flute.

Just in case anyone who hasn’t seen me for a while recognises those shoes, they are my second pair, not the ones I had in 2015.

I realised this week that to add to this blog’s most read post – my review of a lawnmower – I wrote two posts in two days referencing lawn mowing accidents.  I was supposed to cut the grass this weekend and didn’t.

I went to the Liverpool v Crystal Palace match instead.

Liverpool won 1-0.  Wasn’t the best game, but was fairly entertaining nonetheless.  I went with my Dad, albeit in lieu of absolutely anybody else, but it made a change because I think the last time Dad and I did anything that didn’t include medical emergencies was last November.

Talking of football, I got sent a link to one of these “answer a load of arbitrary questions and we’ll tell you what thing you relate to”.  This was a “Which Premier League player would you be?”  I got the one with the reputation for being the most boring.

Lovely.  And talking of boring…  The name of this place amused me.

Before I wrote this, I didn’t realise that boring was actually a theme for the week.  It didn’t feel that bad! I hope yours has been fun.  Catch you next week.



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