Game Of Thrones Growing Up?

While out the other night, we were talking about Game Of Thrones.  More specifically, the conversation started with whether we should watch the leaked last episode to avoid seeing spoilers before it was on at the real time.

The conversation continued and we noted how Game Of Thrones had arguably reached peak Game Of Thrones and was now sliding down the other side.  This was on the basis that it no longer needed to make a choice about whether it was serious sci-fi drama or an hour a week of extreme violence and soft porn.

Seemingly gone are the scenes where ex-Hollyoakes actresses were not wearing anything.  So too the horrors such as those committed by King Joffrey before he was shown dying, liquid oozing from his mouth, or the horrors such as those committed by Ramsey Bolton before he was eaten by his own dogs.  No more scenes of rape or giants squashing heads or fathers sacrificing their own daughters.

Romance and relationships seem easier.  The pains the franchise went through to show the difficulty of Jon Snow and Ygritte building a relationship that shouldn’t have happened, and Daenerys’ taming of Khal Drogo in a display of female strength and power and influence.  The relationships were given time to develop but now, at Season 7 with not long to go, everything feels a bit rushed and a bit easy.

I’m not sure I can get my head around it.  The TV series has just diverged from George RR Martin’s mind.  In one sense, it feels like it’s hurtling to a conclusion before we lose interest, trying to fit everything in and (to me) maybe not necessarily tying everything together.  I always thought that GoT would be a series I’d watch to its conclusion and then spend years reading about all the bits I’d missed.

On the other hand, maybe it’s just growing up.  Maybe it’s got past the literal and metaphorical penis waving contest of it’s teenage years with bold and brash statements of power.  Perhaps it’s realised that now it just needs to concentrate on being a good story and giving the fans the ending that they want so that we can all live happily ever after.  It’s cutting out the drama for an easy slide in to mid-life.

Or maybe, like any good story, it has a plot twist none of us will see.

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