What I Learnt From : My New Casper Mattress

I always view it with suspicion when an organisation within the industry involved suggest you get something new.  So, when I see a company selling mattresses suggesting that you get a new mattress every 7 years, I can’t help but think that it’s just a clever sales ploy.

I had been debating the purchase of a new mattress for, I would guess, at least two years.  It was since my last bad recurrence of back knack.  Back then, I wasn’t sure how long I’d had my then mattress for.  I got it when I redecorated my bedroom and got a new bed.  That was post university, so after 2004.  It was before I bought my last car, and that was 2009.

Within that 5 year time frame, I had no way of narrowing it down.  I’ve also bought two new mattresses for spare rooms and handled one when I was helping a friend set up in her new flat, so it kind of all blurs in to one.  However, with the addition of the two post-back knack years, I’d been giving it some definite consideration because I and it had definitely moved beyond the 7 year recommendation.

The decision was made when I got up the other morning, aching.  I stretched and both my shoulders cracked, as did my ankles as I walked down the stairs.  Nothing felt like it should after a relaxing night’s sleep.

There are lots of mattresses to choose from in the market place, and they all range in price from £100 to £1000.  I can’t remember how much my last one was.  It was sprung and had a few layers and when you look at that sort of thing, there is just too much to choose from.

I didn’t entirely fancy faffing about in a showroom getting on and off every bed in the place, either.  I wasn’t sure that 20 or 30 waking seconds in a horizontal position would be representative of my normal 6-8 hour sleep patterns.  My physio had recommended some mattresses and they were all from this new way of buying them online, vacuum packed and delivered to your door in a box, so I did some research.

There were a few manufacturers I’d heard of – Eve, Simba and Leesa.  During a Google search I also found Casper.  They all appear to be pretty close in terms of materials and construction to the untrained eye.  They also all seem to hit the £550 price point for a double mattress which is kind of curious because one would expect one of them to make a break for it and undercut the opposition.  It was a £50 discount code that made me opt for the Casper, although it did also come top of the Independent‘s best mattresses of 2017 too.

I wanted to do a proper review of the mattress but, with nothing to compare it to, that wouldn’t be quite right.  However…!

I ordered it late one night, and it appeared two days later.  The box was a little battered and was ripped down one corner, but the mattress was fine.  Despite being vacuum packed, this is still a bulky object.  The memory foam also makes it heavy.  Old mattress removed, the Casper was taken to the bedroom with lots of complaining given my narrow, twisty staircase.

To keep it nice and tightly packed, there is a lot of plastic involved in the packaging.  I think it is this that makes the whole package smell a little of paint fumes.  Not a major problem but, if you choose to get one, maybe leave enough time after unpacking to have the windows open and some ventilation in the bedroom before going to bed.

Unpacking isn’t as easy it looks in the instructions, but isn’t too hard either.  Again, just note how heavy the mattress is.  Once unwrapped, I was concerned with how the mattress looked, because it did look misshapen.  Four or five hours later, though, and it was fine.

The strangest thing for me going from an entirely sprung mattress to one containing memory foam is that there is precisely no recoil! Get on the bed and you stay there – no bounce!  Nor, though, is it a memory foam that sinks too far and takes ages to regain its shape, presumably because Casper use a variety of foams.

I think the best way I could describe the sleep experience it is that it felt like I was very much sleeping on my last mattress.  The Casper makes it feel like the mattress is supporting me rather than trying to throw me off.  Maybe that’s just cause it’s new, but worth noting anyway.

I was worried about temperature control but this doesn’t appear to be a problem.

I sleep on my side and my back generally, and this is fine.  I had a rather large dinner the other night though and ended up sleeping on my front which did put some pressure on my lower back.  Again, nothing major; maybe just something that should be considered if you’re carrying a (food) baby / beer gut and like to sleep on your front.

Overall, I have to say that I’m pretty darn pleased with my new mattress.  Waking up ache and pain free is great!  My body certainly relaxes in to it.  I’m a restless sleeper at the moment but that’s because my brain doesn’t turn off and it hasn’t cured that, but I wasn’t expecting miracles!

So, what have I learnt?

I’ve learnt not to be so cynical when someone knows what they’re talking about, especially when it isn’t that much money over the period (the Casper has a 10 year warranty but even over 7 years would cost me less than 20p a night).  Maybe sometimes people don’t have hidden agendas and can look out for the greater good, especially when they know what they’re talking about!

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