The Good Night & Accidental Phone Call Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee I’m not sure if I’d get a decaf or an extra-strong-caf on behalf of my knackaredness.

Last night was the Mayweather v McGregor boxing match.  After some deliberation we decided that we’d go to watch it in town.  I’m going to put my thoughts about this in a separate post so won’t talk too much about the fight itself now.

Given that we had no clear idea what time it would be on, we’d decided that we’d do a late start to the evening.  I was going to say that I honestly can’t remember the last time I started a night out at 21.30 but as I was starting to type, I remembered a few.

We did a late curry and then went for drinks but it’s surprising how many places I like seem to close at midnight.  It’s kinda depressing! Anyway, we’d had tickets booked for one place but, on the way, found somewhere else showing that we preferred.  That sort of thing would normally annoy me so I’m seeing the ticket as an option to go somewhere else.

The fight came on somewhere around 5am I think.  I got home at somewhere around 7am I think.  I fed Moo and went to bed but he spent ages shouting so I had to go get him.  Normally when I’ve been a (Dirty) Stop Out I don’t need to go to bed afterwards so I think he was a little confused.  So I had about 4 hours sleep since 6am on Saturday morning and I’m now so tired I don’t know whether to go to bed early or try to stay up till normal bedtime so I can watch Match Of The Day.

Or I could try to stay up even later to watch the Game Of Thrones Season Finale.

Before I get too side tracked, the journey to and from town last night contained things I wanted to note.  On the way there, there were lots of roadworks.  There’s an average speed limit on it, though far too many cars seem to go whizzing past and then break for the cameras, somewhat missing the point.  Also, despite my car’s over engineering, it doesn’t have cruise control, which caused me to wonder how many other people concentrate so hard on maintaining a speed that they’re not concentrating on other things as much,

The drive home was beautiful.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a sunrise properly with it being summer, but seeing the sun come up over the fields with the mist… I wanted to take a photo but couldn’t really stop on the motorway!  Backed by some good music (I was listening to The Chainsmokers because some of their songs have enough bass to rattle the back of my seat in case I was feeling a bit tired!) it was a good journey.

So still with a day left, I’ve covered most of the Bank Holiday cliche activities because I even cut the grass yesterday too. I’ve been two football matches this week, seeing Liverpool beat Hoffenheim 4-2 and Arsenal 4-0.  That should cover off the sport bit.

I’ve had a quiet week at work and really enjoyed feeling like I was being useful to people.  I’ve spent a few months feeling like I have a lack of purpose and like things can happen without me.  This week I’ve been able to do things that actually make me important rather than just useful.

The only other thing worth mentioning was a pocket dial today.  I don’t think I’ve pocket dialled anyone for years.  Today at the football my pockets were really full – I had my phone in one, two tickets and my car key on another, a bag of Haribo in one arse pocket and a Capri Sun in another.

I was walking around the club shop at Liverpool before taking my phone out my pocket to see where my brother was up to and the green bar was at the top of the screen inviting me to return to the call that had already been running for 1 minute and 48 seconds.  I tapped the green bar and saw someone who told me she didn’t want to speak to me again last February.

Since then, I’ve been wishing so much to be able to speak to her.  There are still memories that are triggered that remind me of her but the irony is that over the last week or so I’ve noticed that I’m not as bothered as I was.  Of course, I’d still love to speak to her but the irony of doing it accidentally today was not lost on me.  She’ll probably have deleted my number so will just have a strange long voicemail from a number she doesn’t recognise.

But… if you still read this blog, I apologise.  In my defence, I changed your name to put you at the end of my phonebook so it was pretty unlucky.

With that, I’ll leave you to it and think about going to bed.


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