Helpful And Scary Drones

Yesterday I wrote a post about context.  Today I had a few unfortunate instances of where I misunderstood something in light of something else.

Let me explain.  A few of is at the table at lunch were talking about “bicycles”.  As that conversation came to end, some of the women at the table were talking about an app on which they could log their cycles.

“Don’t they mean rides?” I thought.  “No, they don’t.”

But then I opened WhatsApp and noticed that the status of a male ex-colleague of mine is “looking forward to my next cycle”.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone say that before,” I thought.

Then there were two stories in the news today.  The first is that a pharmacy, MedExpress, says it has conducted a drug delivery flight using drones to “discreetly” send Viagra or the morning after pill to those requiring them.

(It was The Times that used the word “or”.  I wondered if it might as well be “and” to further increase the efficiency of the service.)

(Because it’s a story about drones, I also started thinking about Amazon and those buttons they have to reorder things like toilet role.  MedExpress could produce a “I’m getting lucky tonight” button that could include a number of additional items delivered when required.  That wasn’t the other related story though.)

The other story was about the noise of drones bothering people in Parliament.

“They’re getting Viagra and the pill delivered to Parliament,” I thought. “What are they doing there? Actually, no, I don’t want to know.”

Turns out that it wasn’t that kind of story, but was actually that a Member of Parliament was scared by a drone that was doing a planned building survey rather than spying on him.

I guess sometimes it’s easy to be prejudiced by something simply because it’s fresh in your mind.

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