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If we were having a coffee this week – PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE IS BACK! I had a free drink at Starbucks which I’ve been waiting to use, so I got a bucket of pumpkin spice yesterday.

It’s that weekend where Pumpkin Spice comes in and X-Factor starts which means Christmas is on its way.  After Pumpkin comes Red Cups, you see.  And X-Factor finished in time for Christmas.

Work has been very quiet, but I’m suffering from a  distinct lack of motivation.  I’ve got four months to go but I won’t get the chance to see the end result of anything I’m going to be working on and I can’t get my head around doing the bulk of the work and then giving it all to someone else to finish and take the credit for.  That’s partly for the selfish reason, partly for the stubborn reason and partly because, of the business cared, they would get someone to do it who is going to be able to support it in the long term.

When it wasn’t so quiet at work was when I tried to leave on Tuesday.  The car had been telling me that I needed to change the battery in the key.  I dismantled the key to look at what size battery it needed and put it back together.  Unfortunately that decoded it… I took the key unit apart to get the part out that meant I could unlock the car, but then I pushed the starter button and set the alarm of.

The message on the dash said to put the key next to the key symbol on the dash.  “Consult your instruction book.”  The instruction book was 15 miles away.  I finally sorted it but my ears were ringing all the way home.

I’ve also had two different people at work saying that they want me to stay for particular work next year.  It’s frustrating again.  I have quite a few weeks holiday to take but if I’m leaving I think I’ll just have the money, so I wouldn’t mind knowing.

Talking of holiday, my snowboarding holiday is booked for next year so I decided it was time to get fit for it.  Given how my run went yesterday, I think it’s a good job I started this far in advance!  I need to get generally fit but I also need to shift a little weight to make sure my pants stay buttoned when I bend down to do up my bindings.

So I’ve done the workout plan and I’m still working through the meal plan.  The latter takes me a little while to get in to a routine, with having to get up earlier and make more food.  For now, I’m figuring that just cutting the majority of the rubbish I was eating will help anyway.

Last night I went out for food.  I ordered a steak with “roasted bone marrow”.  I actually thought I wouldn’t notice it – that there wouldn’t be much and it would be like a pate or truffle or something.  It wasn’t.  It was served in the bone and it was greasy and sloppy.  It tasted alright, especially with the onion on top, but the texture was a bit weird.

As part of the diet I’d been buying some more lunch boxes that I can microwave food in and I mail ordered some protein powder for when I just can’t be bothered with food.  I’ve never been good at “meal prep” but I’m going to give it a go only working one day in advance.  I did some more online shopping while I was at it and it felt like Christmas when it all arrived.

I got the stuff I mentioned above, but I also got a toothbrush that should have been £120 reduced to £30 (I’m still not sure whether to keep it for myself or whether it might be a Christmas present for someone), some new snowboarding gloves (which are actually mittens) and then I bought some pointless things… I got a Game Boy Advance for under £15 off eBay and some games for it.  That’s quite fun, just for filling 15 minutes here and there.  I also bought some Hanz de Fuko hair product which is the first time I’ve bought something like which isn’t a general off the shelf brand, and it appears to be really good.

At some point I should write some more reviews, but I like my reviews to have more of a point than just a “this was good” and “I did this”.  I have an idea for one at the moment so I might start dabbling.

On Friday a new Legendary Pokémon arrived in  Europe.  I finish work early on a Friday and I usually head to town anyway before embarking on more interesting Friday night pursuits.  A group of people went to do an Entei raid so I joined in and caught it first ball, and it was a good one too.

The best thing about the week? I found my favourite socks again.  Too good not to wear in a pair.

I hope that you’ve had a good week.  Speak to you next time.

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