Billy And Belinda Bollard

In 1994, a Wonder Bra advert featuring Eva Herzigová is alleged to have caused dozens of road accidents as her well supported boobs caught the eye of motorists.

In that case, I guess that the distraction was because people wanted to look.  However, there may well be another far more scary and sinister menace that is about to take out attention on the streets.

Meet Bill or Belinda… The Bollard.

Credit: Facebook/Iver Parish Council

Look at those eyes (but don’t look in to them, you never know what will happen)!

The mannequin-style figures are the latest idea by Iver District Council in a bid to improve road safety outside local schools.  The idea is that if you see something that looks like a child, you’re more likely to drive carefully.

If one ignores that fact that the cost of the “more than half a dozen” of these was £5,395, there is just so much that is wrong with them!  They will get bumped by cars and they will, with absolutely no shadow of doubt, be graffitied.  I also wonder, creepiness aside, whether they would take your attention from a real child.

That’s two fold, in that if you see a Billy or a Belinda and a real child, your options of potentially getting out the way became much more limited.  There is also a more pertinent “Boy Who Cried Wolf” theory that drivers might become desensitised to the bollards and thus real children if the situation ever arose.  Because you see them all the time, will you continue to actually “see” them at all?

It’s a fair question, although I’m not sure how many people ever became desensitised to Eva’s boobs.

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