Too Much Respect

The other day I was pondering whether it was possible to give someone too much respect.  Both of my reasons for thinking this come from games.

First up, I was playing a game the other day that rewards a people for how much they contribute towards a victory for a team.  I had enough rewards, but am also one of the better players.  There were other players at the opposite end of the spectrum, which made me wonder whether I should have some sort of sympathy for them and essentially do little more than the bare minimum to secure the victory, letting them take the spoils.

The second occasion was in a professional sporting event, where a big team plays a small team in a cup match, as can happen.  More often than not of this was in football, the big team will make some changes to their side to play some fringe players and will run out winners by 2 or 3 goals in a fairly turgid affair.  After the match, players from the winning team will be interviewed and will no doubt trot out the line, “We showed them a lot of respect today.”

In such instances, surely “respect” is fielding a full strength team and thumping the opposition in to the middle of next week.

I get being respectful and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing having high regard or admiration for another’s views and feelings, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve just never been able to work out where that border is between sympathy and respect when people don’t always want things handing to them.


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