Inspiration To Get Better

Every now and again I seem to go through periods of getting reminders of things and people, out of nowhere.  More recently it’s been someone.

Not only have I been dreaming about this person quite a bit recently, but I was out today and saw things that reminded me of them – the last Christmas present I was going to buy them and the one I did.  There was a mug with a pineapple on, and they had a thing for things with pineapples on…  It’s that sort of thing I mean.

At one point this person said to me that I have to be happy with myself before I could be happy with someone else.  We’d been having a conversation or I’d said something and they interpreted as me “looking for the missing piece of [my] jigsaw” and that that shouldn’t be the case.

On Saturday I was out with some friends and conversation led to an archery tournament we were all in years ago.  My team beat both of theirs, and I deemed it appropriate to remind them of that fact.  My team got to the final and won it, but for some reason, a few hours ago, something came to mind from before the final.

People were telling me to relax (I was in a team with an English and a Scottish international used to this sort of competition) and I remember saying that I was, because I’d already got a silver medal by just being in the final, anything else is a bonus.  I was told that that wasn’t the way I should be thinking about it.

Both reminders came seemingly out of nothing but were very close together and, having served both reminders to me, my brain noted the seemingly opposite advice about being happy with what you have as inspiration to get better.

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