The Willy Warmer

A few days ago I wrote a post about something real that some kids think is fictional – the red squirrel.  Something came to my attention today that is the opposite – something real that I thought was fake.

It doesn’t make too much of a blog post but, well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…

The Willy Warmer.

Apparently this is actually a real thing with practical uses.  I thought it was just something that kids called socks while trying to be funny.  Turns out that they do actually have a connection to squirrels because, in Norway, cock socks would have been made from squirrel fur, with the fur on the inside.  And worn underneath leather pants.

Two other facts about willy warmers that amused me.  In Norway, they’re called forhyse, vænakot, or suspensorium.  I have no idea what the literal translation is there, but in the Faroe Islands they’re called kallvøttur or purrivøttur.  The former means “man mitten” which is nearly as childishly funny to say as willy warmer.  (The latter, in case you’re interested, literally translates to “testicle mitten”.)

Apparently there’s also a tradition in the Faroe Islands where a girl will knit her male partner (if applicable) a kallvøttur as a gift.  Apparently his receipt of said gift would indicate how seriously he took their relationship.  Apparently rejection of the would indicate a lack of suitability for marriage.

Interesting that, in a lot of countries, that sort of thing is done with expensive rings (for fingers).

So, if this post has done nothing else, hopefully any men reading this who might be dating a woman from the Faroe Islands will know not to laugh when presented with a some of their knitting.

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