(Over)Thinking In Concepts And Words

I should write a section of this blog called, “Michael Overthinks…”  Maybe I will.

What triggered this was something rather simple that happened the other day.  I got home and pulled the car on to the driveway.  When I normally do this after work, I’ll get out the car and Moo, my cat, will appear in one of the windows and shout at me or put his paw on the window.

This time, however, before I got out the car I remembered that my postman (thinking that he was being helpful) had left a parcel with my parents because I wasn’t in, so I turned round and drive off before, I thought, Moo would notice that I’d arrived home.

As I pulled out the drive, I saw him jump on the window ledge upstairs and peer round the corner of the window looking concerned and / or curious about what was going on and, more importantly, when his dinner was going to hit his dish.

It was this that got me thinking… About how animals think when they have no clear language for every situation they face.

When my Domino’s delivery person kept missing the house I thought to myself, “Geez, come back or I’ll eat my own arm.”  I actually think the words.  But cats and animals don’t have the words.  Sure, they miaow every now and again but Moo only does that when he wants to tuna or for me to go downstairs so that he can jump out and hit me from behind the curtain.

Needless to say, I haven’t been the only person to think about this! T’interweb has many threads on the subject, and consensus is that I haven’t gone far enough back in my thinking.  When I noticed my Domino’s delivery person driving my BBQ sauce and doughy goodness up the road I’d already conceptualised that that shouldn’t be happening (hell no!) and then put it in to words.

That, of course, makes a great deal of sense.  However, I can’t help but wonder if Moo can also think in sounds that he understands – “tuna” or “Moo Cat, stop scratching the door” when he’s trying to convince me to get up for breakfast.  I think he must do.  Concept first, though, obviously.

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