Hungry Man EATS

In writing this post, I’m probably going to perpetuate the point I wanted to make.

Ages ago, we decided to try Deliveroo, the food delivery company that bring food from restaurants to your door.

Now, let’s be honest.  Everyone has, at some point, probably fancied a McDonalds bringing to their door.  It’s cheap enough that you’ll pay a bit extra to get it delivered.  So anyway, off we went looking through the menu and settled on a burger place in the city.

The order arrived.  Two burgers, each wrapped in tin foil and put in two cardboard bowls with a stick through the middle to keep them warm and structurally intact.  There were sides of fries in plastic containers that had started to go soggy through condensation.

We finished eating and I looked at the remaining packaging and wondered why we’d just spent around £30 on takeaway burgers ruined by the fact that they were takeaway.  At least in a restaurant they need to do washing up and actually serve you.  The answer was convenience and being able to stay in, but a different menu choice would have been better, in which instance we didn’t need Deliveroo.  There are so many alternatives available.

That didn’t stop us once ordering a piece of cheesecake and a waffle and ice cream at 1.30am once though.

Anyway, just I don’t understand the point of Deliveroo, I don’t understand how a story about Deliveroo ever made the news, albeit for the Indy reporting a story in the S*n.

Twenty three year old Tariq Quareshy ordered some food from Deliveroo at 10pm to a hospital ward after his wife had been in labour for 6 hours and he realised that he was hungry.  He shared his purchase on Twitter, and it got reported.

“Man hungry.  Eats.”

How does a “journalist” even find that non-story? And surely these were not the 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol was predicting?

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