The Not Much To (Coffee) Share


If we were having a coffee this week, I don’t think it would be anything particularly special and I don’t really even know what we’d talk about.

Normally my week has a bit of a theme to it.  I sometimes have to go searching for it but there’s normally something there.  This week, I just can’t think of anything and it’s not like I’ve had a boring week, it just seems to have been normal.

My work week has been busier than normal, partly because I seem to be being dragged in to all sorts of things that I’m not sure I’m supposed to be doing.  It’s more fun than the other stuff though.

When I was out on Monday night I saw a car that I thought looked really nice, and then I realised that I had one too!

I decided to take the day off work on Wednesday.  I just had things to do so it felt easier to take a day and get it all done.  I did some shopping in the morning.    When I was at uni I bought a purple and suit and everyone scoffed.  Now you seem to be able to buy them again.

I also found Michael Laverty’s McAMS Yahama bike, but apparently it wasn’t for sale.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford it anyway, and I’m more sure that I would kill myself on it anyway.

I then went to meet some friends, got a free haircut (which was a bonus) and then went to watch Liverpool draw with Sevilla.

On Friday, I went out after work and didn’t realise that the Southport Air Show started on the Friday night until the roads were closed.

I remember a few years going out for the day to a National Trust place.  One of the walks around the site took you past Manchester Airport.  I took a photograph and uploaded it to Facebook with a sarcastic “An exciting day plane spotting” caption.

It was sarcastic because I don’t get the entertainment value of documenting commercial aircraft.  I thought that I’d kind of feel the same about historical planes and others that you generally see at this type of event.  This picture above was a hurricane and something else next to it that I couldn’t identify.  I think there was also a Spitfire a bit later on – I only saw it briefly whizzing around over the cinema.

Seeing these aircraft, which could actually have been in their natural habitat this close to a beach, made me realise what it must have felt like to see them flying in anger, so to speak.  They must have been phenomenal and petrifying at the same time.

On a lighter note, it looks the farmers round me grow giant pink marshmallows.

I met someone for brunch on Saturday and then walked from the middle of Liverpool to Anfield to watch the football again.  I had a Chinese for dinner and I think I’m still trying to rehydrate after it!

So a coffee maybe isn’t the best thing to be drinking.  Hope you had a good week.



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