Crime And Punishment : Detention

Woodcote High School in Surrey rehashed their detention rules over the summer, and their ideas have caused them a bit of a problem.

Lacking any good ideas or imagination themselves, they consulted t’interweb and found a blog by Schools Week (yes, I’ve checked the apostrophe usage) editor Laura McInerney.

An unnamed student was given a ten minute detention for being 1 minute late for a form room registration at the end of the school.  Nothing like the punishment fitting the crime, especially when it’s such a despicable act.

Because, it would appear, that the school also implement their IT systems properly, the student missed the detention because there was a confusion with the electronic generation of the detention slip.  She was then given an hour of detention as a result.

The punishment to be served during the detention is pictured here:

Apparently it comes from “The Book of Consequence”.

The student was quite traumatised by being called insane before not being told that she was insane, although that she was closer to dying for bring late for registration.

To an extent, I think the death thing is quite accurate given that we’re all closer to death for every passing minute.  By a minute, in fact.  Just think what she could have done rather than wasting an hour on this garbage.

My annoyance was this though.  The big title at the top is “not paying attention”.  The first thing the student needed to write was the name of the teacher they disappointed followed by “describing their action”.

Surely the action was already given, at the top of the page? Or did they want “not having a watch” or “not seeing a clock” or simply “being a minute late”? In the real world, if you were a minute late and someone got you to do something like that, you’d be telling them to grow up, not educate your children.

Maybe it shouldn’t have annoyed me as much as it did.

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