The Isotonic Coffee Share With A Twist


If we were having a coffee this week, we might go somewhere different after I found out that I could get a chocolate twist for £1 with my coffee.  I like chocolate twists nearly as much as I like coffee.

As we were catching up last week I’d been feeling a bit of a cold starting.  I wouldn’t call it a bad one at all, but throughout this week it’s moved from my nose to be being a tickly cough.  I had an important presentation on Wednesday and was feeling what some people would call “fuzzy headed”.  I think it went OK but I’ve never had to concentrate quite that hard for a long time.

That’s why some of my posts may have been a bit wishy-washy this week.  I want to keep up my streak, but I had to dig in to some half finished drafts and try and work out how to finish them because I couldn’t concentrate enough on either writing or finding something to write about.

Not much more really happened during the week that I can remember.  I’d been preparing for something which came and went without too much fuss.  I followed it up but heard nothing back.  Then, four days later, I got a reply followed lots more silence.  So maybe next week I’ll have something interesting to tell you, or I’ll just sack it off as a bad job.  It’s worth giving a chance to, but if the start is as indicative of what the rest might be, I think it will annoy me.

Moo Cat decided to move the rug so he could lie on it while playing with his toys, rather than taking his toys to the rug.

I need a new waterproof coat, so I’ve been looking around.  I was going to go buy one on Friday, but as much as I want one, I kinda don’t want to have to spend money on it which is somewhat frustrating the situation.

I went out with some friends last night.  We had a very structured night with everything but the last bar of the night being booked, which makes a change for me.  The other thing that wasn’t booked was my mid-night need for ice cream.

It was worth it.  I also saw Homer Simpson.

Three guys got beers at the last place we went and I don’t think drank a full between them before leaving.

I managed to get lost on my way home again.  I used to drive to and from Didsbury virtually every week, as well cental Manchester virtually every week.  I have friends in Sale and Altrincham which mean I can either get on the motorway I used from Didsbury or I go the other way and get the motorway I would use from Manchester.  But somehow I never manage to get it right!

I was working out my meal and training plan for this week coming and decided that today I’d go for a run.  I’d planned a route to the church nearby, but got half a mile down the road and decided to go to the Village Hall instead.  When I got there, I decided that I’d go the Indian restaurant, get on the canal and head home.  When I got to the bridge I need to get off the canal at, I decided that I’d go to the next one (despite not knowing where it really was).

I’m pretty sure I ran at least twice as far as I planned.  My issue with running is that I am able to just keep going.  I’m not saying I can do a marathon or anything silly, but once I get in a rhythm and my mind starts wandering or I concentrate on the running I can just keep moving.  I kinda feel that that could be indicative of others parts of my life, but maybe that’s a post for a later date.

Right now, I’m worried about how my legs will feel tomorrow.  Instead of coffee, it might need to be an isotonic drink.

With a chocolate twist, obviously.

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