Time And Again : Amendments

I kind of feel the need to say something about the atrocity in Las Vegas yesterday.

The thing is, I’m not certain that there is ever anything to add when one hears about American gun crime.  In April of this year, Trump spoke to yhe National Rifle Association’s annual meeting,  telling the organisation that they have a ‘true friend and champion’ in the White House.  Trump emphasised his support by telling the crowd ‘the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end’.

It was a new angle to the argument of protecting constitutional rights, now that it’s seen as a way to get votes.  But other than that, the argument is the same as any other about the right to bear arms.

Trump’s recent history, though, only makes matters worse.  In the wake of the Orlando night club shooting – until Monday, the worst mass shooting in American history – Trump wanted to ban Muslims from entering America.  His statement was, “I said this was going to happen – and it is only going to get worse.”

Unfortunately, with the perpetrator of this attack being an older white man with, as yet, no known religious or political agenda, Trump isn’t so keen on doing anything.  Yes, those folks claiming to be IS have claimed it, but they’re reaching the point where they’d claim the eating of an ice cream if they think it caused offence to the infidels.

All Trump did this time was say that nothing could be done and speak about God.

This causes the rest of the world to shake it’s head and say, “But you ban cheese on the grounds of safety but let people buy as many semi-automatic weapons as they desire.”

It’s all so obvious, all so repeatable, and such a simple solution.  If murder is illegal, so should an obvious and straight forward method of committing it that in no way helps anyone.  If an act of such depravity and such magnitude as that in Vegas can’t even prompt the discussion, I’m not sure what will.

Surely the fact that it’s called an “Amendment” means that it can be changed if there was a desire to do so.

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free
Run away, find you a lover
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other
Who compares with you
You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm
You belong somewhere you feel free
Run away, go find a lover
Run away, let your heart be your guide
You deserve the deepest of cover
You belong in that home by and by
You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worries
You belong somewhere you feel free
You belong somewhere you feel free
Wildflowers by Tom Petty

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