Sexy And I Know It : Help

I can’t remember when it was, last week maybe, that I wrote a post about some women claiming that they are too clever to hold down boyfriends.

This is followed this week by a woman who believes that she is too attractive to find love.  Dawn Cousins, 44, a receptionist from London, claims that it’s a ‘nightmare’ having men fall at her feet.  She says, “Guys over 40 are all putting on weight and the women have got a lot of wrinkles. I haven’t got any. I’m not in the same bracket as them.”

My favourite quite was this one:

I can’t date a fat, unattractive, old aged man when I look so young and beautiful.

I seem to get the men who are only after looks and not personality; those types are not the kind of person you want to spend your days with.

Her friends apparently call her opinion of her beauty “big headed”.

The bit that got me thinking about this story was how you sell it to a news paper?  What angle do you go for when you ring up and saying, “I’m gorgeous but can’t get a boyfriend?”  A paper will take it as click bate for advertising revenue, but surely when you have a story of a personal problem, you want the news to take it to help you out.

Part of me wonders if the press has a sort of duty of care even in such a stupid story – to protect people from the harsh comments that they will receive.  Surely the press should not be promoting such self-adulation in these circumstances in a similar way that they should seek to bring more important issues back down to earth in public and private interest.

As soon as one opens themselves up as too good, they attract criticism because being good at something normally provides options.

Not everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, but they might just need that 15 minutes of someone helping, and those aren’t always the same thing.

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