The Fairly Incoherent Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, we’d go the same place as last Sunday but we’d have the chocolate twist warmed up.  Nom nom.

This week, I found Uncle Fester and, I’ll confess, I wasn’t concentrating and it scared me a little!

At work this week, I asked HR and my line manager whether I should actually be expecting to leave at the end of December.  My line manager claims that he didn’t realise I was supposed to be leaving and that they’re trying to get approval for a job that they were expecting me to fill.  We’ll see how far that discussion goes in the coming weeks.

In something not entirely unrelated, I got bored and started playing Tetris.  To make it more interesting, I decided to go for symmetry for a bit and then the game ruined it.  And the colours don’t quite work.

I was more successful at that though then I was at pool.  Didn’t have much luck with that middle pocket.

That was four separate shots.  I did manage to catch a Suicune though.

Last night I saw a man shoplifting three blocks of cheese from a corner shop and 22.30.  He was already being chased out the shop and appeared to offer the defence of, “It’s only cheese.”

We went for pizza at Dough in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.  I’ve wanted to go for a long time and the pizza was great, but in their desire to pack in as many people it didn’t feel quite as comfortable as one would hope.

Going to go off on a bit of a tangent here, but pizza pricing confuses me.  I remember once starting to order Deliveroo burgers and refusing to spend restaurant prices to eat a burger at home.  Not because that wouldn’t have been great, but because it makes it really over priced.  With pizza, I can get a lovely one for a fiver in the supermarket.  I can get one delivered for £12.50 or so, and I love delivered pizza.  But in some pizza restaurants, the pizza is more gourmet with a thin base and not exactly piled with toppings and it makes me think that the mark up is absolutely staggering and not always worth it.

Doing my grocery shopping yesterday, I looked up and saw a familiar face.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on who it was, and then it came to me.

About 14 years ago maybe, I had a crush on one of the people who worked in a sports shop near me.  She laughed at me once.  It was only once though (that I know of) so that was a bonus.  To increase my chances of asking her out, I probably went in to the shop far more often than most people do which probably explains that vast number of sports socks that I owned.

Given that she had a massive ring on her finger I would guess that someone managed what I didn’t, and possibly owns less socks because of it.

And talking about blast from the past and sports shops, I walked past probably the best sports shop I’ve known which has now closed down.

I hope it’s because the guy who owned it has decided to retire and not because the business wasn’t doing well.  If I had a sports shop, it would be like his.  It actually sold sports equipment rather than fashion and the people who worked there could actually help you choose a cricket bat, or they could restring your tennis racket.

Talking of “if I had my own”… A beer called Pint.  Genius.  Or is it?

Walking in to a pub and being able to say, “I’ll have a Pint” sounds great, but then I tried to find them online to link to it so you could see it, and can’t find it because “beer pint” just gives loads of results.

This week I’ve been really tired.  That wasn’t helped by going out last night and getting up at 5.55am so I could feed Moo and pee before the F1 started at 6am.  It was so early that even Moo gave me a look of complete confusion when I told him he’d need to get off my feet please.

My brain has been running at a hundred miles an hour on anything but the thing I’m supposed to be thinking about.

Maybe the caffeine isn’t helping, but the chocolate twist won’t do any harm.

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