The Achey Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, I think we’ll have some Columbia Suarez – it’s one of my favourites and I put it in the machine this week for the first time in a while.

This week has been a little confusing for me because I seem to have no idea what date it’s been for most of it.  I was supposed to do something on 10th, which was Tuesday, but I thought it was Thursday.  I ate half a tub of yoghurt this morning with a use by date of Friday.

Half of this week has also been filled with sore legs.  I’m tailoring my fitness program towards snowboarding in February, so I’m concentrating on building up some strength in my legs as quickly as possible and then I’ll put some more power stuff in there around mid-December, which should help also help me lose any excess weight I may gain during the first part, as well as keep me interested!

I know that my body reacts best to training every other day, but I’d also promised myself that I’d protect my back and so (if I start to feel run down) I plan breaks.  One of those rest weeks happened last week, so I started again this week and mixed things up a little.  As a result, my legs have been aching pretty much all week.

Even today I decided that I was probably best served just going for a walk so went to the beach.  Ended up walking 12 miles in inappropriate (although still very comfy) footwear so I still ache.  I’m trying to do as much active recovery stuff as I can too, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.  It just looks a little silly when you trip over a step at work cause you can’t lift your feet high enough!

The only bit that seems to be a problem is a tight muscle towards the top of my left butt cheek that I can’t seem to release.  I’ve been sitting on a tennis ball in the hope that it will resolve itself.

This week seems to have been quite an expensive one.  I haven’t really spent much recently – bills and food and doing stuff (but I’m so easily pleased that “doing stuff” doesn’t really cost much).  I haven’t bought too many things, though.  It would appear that I made up for that this week, and I’ve bought lots of music (the new Liam Gallagher album – very good, the latest Tom Petty album and the Wonder Woman soundtrack), a new winter coat, a new football shirt (I collect them, rather than wear them), Christmas decorations, a game, an ADSL face plate to try to speed up my internet… And I’ll have car insurance and car tax and maybe a new mobile phone coming up too.

I realise all this is first world and everything and I haven’t spent beyond my means, but I get nervous because normally when I do this I get an expense that I’m not expecting so I’m getting worried about what’s going to go wrong!

And just coming back to Wonder Woman, I watched the film again this week.  I know I posted about it after I watched it in the cinema, but I love this film.  I don’t know why; it’s not massively different to any other superhero film.  I don’t know if it’s Gal Gadot, the story or that is is a female lead, but I think it’s brilliant.

I also finished watching The Big Bang Theory Season 10 which means, for the first time, I’m actually up to date with it (having also watched the first episode of season 11).  I’ve only ever watched it on boxset though, so watching only one episode a week feels kinda weird!

Moo Cat seems to have enjoyed his week.  He’s got very chatty over the last seven days, including waiting in the kitchen and shouting to remind me that I hadn’t given him his pre-breakfast tuna the other morning.  He’s been full of energy and playing with toys.  He got a new place for comfy sits provided for him by his Secondary Human, but he prefers his old one and won’t go near it.

In other animal related news… I don’t like birds.  I especially dislike seagulls.  No sooner was I telling someone than this b*stard flew between the rails, landing in a disorganised pile of beak and wings right in front of me and scaring the living crap out of me in the process.

Work has been relatively quiet.  I’m having a bit of trouble trying to convince someone to commit to $3m extra revenue from something in 2019, made all the harder because I agree with everything they say to back up their “no” answer!

I think that’s about it.  Hope you’ve had a great week of exciting adventures.  Till next Sunday, then…

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