Fantasy, Reality, Delta And Trains

Back when I was younger, I had a crush on Australian singer and actress Delta Goodrem.

At the time, Delta was playing Nina Tucker in Neighbours as well as releasing music and, not knowing either of them personally, I wasn’t sure whether my crush was really on Delta or Nina.

The line between reality and (two versions of) fantasy was somewhat blurry.

This was what I thought of when I read the story of a family rescued from a kayaking trip that went wrong in Scotland last week.

The Cluetts and their children – aged six, eight, ten and twelve – were enjoying a half-term break at the Essan bothy (a small hut or cottage), on the south shore of Loch Eilt.  However, they were left stranded their canoe was swept away by a swollen river.

Facing a long walk back to their car across boggy land, they phoned the police for advice.  The police arranged for the next train on the railway line that runs close to the bothy to make an unscheduled stop.

Mr Cluett tells the story:

The amazing thing was it wasn’t just any train. The next train that was passing was the Jacobite steam train – the Harry Potter, Hogwarts Express steam train that goes up and down that line.

We threw all our stuff into some bags and boxes and ran out of the door of the bothy at the same time as the train is coming around the tracks.

The train is getting closer, we’re running down, stuff bouncing everywhere, big smiles on the kids faces. It all started to be fun at that point.

I’m slightly sad because I’d lost my boat – but the kids, when they saw the steam train coming, all sadness left their little faces and was replaced by excitement and fun – just the real joy of having an adventure and having the train stop right next to them.

I’m pretty sure I’d be similarly excited if I ever got the chance to meet Delta, at that point where reality meets fantasy.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen



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