A Dog’s Life Of Luxury

We’ve all been there, at least once.  Being sat, usually in work, doing something when we would rather be anywhere else.  Although I’m looking out the window at the torrential rain and I’m quite happy in the dry at the moment.

It seems that work apathy can also affect dogs.  Lulu has been in training with the CIA to sniff out bombs.  Apparently, one day, she just decided not to bother anymore.

On their blog, the CIA do say that sometimes dogs temporarily lose interest and can be placated with time off, extra games or even a change of food.  However, Lulu the Labrador never regained her motivation and was retired before ever really getting started.

Apparently it’s not all bad news for Lulu.   Her handler decided to adopt her and she lives with her new family and another labrador called Harry.  She now spends her days playing with her handler’s children and sniffing out rabbits and squirrels in their back garden.

Sounds like a pretty good life.  I wonder if she saw other dogs just sleeping and not doing much and thought, “You know what, they’re getting all that and not having to look for things.  Screw this for a barrel of monkeys, I’m going on strike.”

My cousin once had a “failed” Police dog.  He was ace.  He was an Alsatian who could stand on his back legs and look me in the eye, and I’m 6’4.  He used to play with 5kg weights instead of sticks, which made Fetch difficult and treacherous.  He failed his training because he wouldn’t bite, but he loved his life on the farm.

Hopefully is Lulu is now enjoying living the dream in luxury!

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