Bored Of Brexit

As I scan through various newspapers to find out what’s happening in the world (undoubtedly most of it is depressing) it’s quite easy to see the sorts of stories a lot of them focus on.

The Express have two common themes at the moment – the end of the world and Brexit.  The two subjects are at least not obviously linked, but only one of them is actually of any interest to me at the moment, and that’s the one about non-existent planet Nibiru which will cause the Apocalypse.

It’s not like it isn’t important, but if there’s one thing that the referendum of 2016 did, it was to ignite some interest in politics.  Sure, a lot of the motive for interest was misplaced, but there people were motivated to pay attention.  Does anyone feel that motivation any more?

As an anarchic vote against traditional politics, Brexit has now fallen in to just that.  All the news we’ve had this week runs along the lines of, “there’s been progress in talks”, “there hasn’t been progress in talks, but we never expected there to be,” and “this is going to cost you a fortune.”  That’s exactly as we knew it would go last June, slow and tortuous and well, political.

The people who voted Leave to see extra money go to the NHS and every foreign person leave Britain immediately is surely now getting as despondent again as I’m getting bored of the tedium.

I’m genuinely wondering if, instead of negotiating with each other, Britain and the EU got together in a room and said, “We’ll chuck The Express a bit of money to be quiet and then we’ll do sod all in terms of Brexit for a month, and see of anyone notices,” whether anyone would?  And if they did, would they care enough to do anything about it?

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