The Strangely Flavoured Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, it could be out of one of my hand washed mugs.

My dishwasher is broken, and broke mid-cycle.  I hadn’t done any washing up for a while, so the plan was to run the dishwasher twice.  Instead, I ended up hand washing all my plates, mugs, cutlery and pans.  It took me ages and I even found out that if all my stuff is clean, it doesn’t fit in to my cupboards – I’m so used to having it on rotation!

I think my highlight of the week was going to see Gabrielle Alpin at Manchester Cathedral.  I’ve already written a review, but it was an amazing show.  It’s wrong to call it a small venue (it’s a cathedral, after all), but it was a smallish crowd in comparison to Manchester’s main venues like the Academy 1 and Apollo, and the venue helped to make the evening.

I also always like to at least feel that the artist appreciates you being there.  I remember going to see U2 in Cardiff in 2005 maybe, and Bono made me like I was only there to serve his own agenda.  Gabrielle Aplin was fun as well as brilliant.

The hardest bits about the evening were the rain and finding somewhere I want to go for dinner.  I once had a fateful evening in Teacup which is where I intended to go, but that was closed.  I didn’t fancy pizza and I walked past pretty much everywhere else.  I ended up erring for so long that McDonalds was my only option.

Somehow I only managed to get home after midnight from a show that ended shortly after 10pm.  No idea really how that happened.

I bought some weird flavoured crisps.

I’m not sure I like them.  They don’t taste bad, it’s just having sweet crisps leaving my brain confused.

I also had a problem when I wasn’t concentrating putting petrol in the car.

I intended to put £10 in, but missed it by 42p, so ended up having to round it up which somewhat annoyed me.

That was on the day Storm Ophelia was due to hit.  You can see the weird yellow sky in the background.  I hadn’t realised that it was supposed to cause that sort atmospheric phenomenon until I went out for lunch and saw the sun being so red that my phone’s camera didn’t know what to do with it.

I’ve been really tired even before staying out late on a school night.  I think part of it is the dark mornings.  Much too Moo’s irritation, I am getting very adept at using the snooze button.  I mean to get up when the alarm goes off but I’m so bad at it that I’m thinking I may just accept that I won’t get up and sleep properly for another 40 minutes to an hour rather than pretend to.

It was feeling so tired as well as Storm Brian that meant I was quite pleased to stay in last night.  Pizza was ordered at 18.30 for 20.00 and was 25 minutes late with no apology wedges or cookies.  A complaint will be filed.

A group that I’m part of had a member in it who I think is on the autistic spectrum.  I don’t know enough about autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, but the guy in question seems to have a few issues with social situations to the extent that I actually thought he was a teenager with autism, not the 23 years old that he is.

A lot of group communication is done through Facebook Messenger, and I think he had such a desire to be part of things that he tried too much to be front and centre and got in to arguments which he then couldn’t appropriately deal with.  He got removed from the group chat by the admins and that will really affect his general participation.

It’s made me feel bad for him and annoyed me at the same time.  It’s annoyed me that other people just can’t be tolerant and understanding, but also that I think it will really help the guy to feel included in a social group.  Still trying to work out what to do, fully understanding that I’m no expert.

In other news – some new Pokémon!

The ghosts from Generation 3 have arrived.

And with that, I fancy hot chocolate.  Until next week.  Have fun.

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