Sexy Goldfish

There’s one thing I’ve never done that I’ve always wanted to do but now feel that the time has past. (No, not that.) (Or that.) (Or that.) (No, I have actually done that, behave.)

I’ve always wanted to dress up and go to a Halloween Party.  Somehow, I’ve never been able to get to one despite having actually sorted out a costume and having vampire hair anyway.  I even really heavily dropped hints one year that I’d really like to do something, but the person still didn’t invite me!

Last year, most of the women I spoke to were dressing up as Harley Quinn.

Made sense in a way, because Suicide Squad was the big hit in the cinema.  It also played in to the other Halloween Stereotypes for women of not wearing a lot while dressing up as things like nurses.  The costumes would help play a part certainly in some men’s fantasies (me being unable to comment on other orientations).

This year, apparently the costume to be in is “Sexy Goldfish”.

Now then… Do the women look sexy in the costumes? I would say yes, but I could definitely make an argument against the sexiness of the the costume with the knee socks.

So sexy goldfish?  Ignoring the fact that bestiality is illegal, if someone asked you to think of a sexy animal I’m pretty sure a goldfish wouldn’t be up there.  I just don’t get it!

But moreover than the goldfish, I wonder when Halloween turned from scary to sexy? My first thought is perhaps Rocky Horror.  Maybe part of it is having a reason to express something else that you wouldn’t have another opportunity to express without any sort of repercussion which, let’s face it, is part of the fun of fancy dress.

Back in my day that never was, it was ghosts, witches, wizards and vampires.  Maybe today I’m just too old to be imaginative enough!

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