The Six Commandments

A YouGov poll has determined that UK Christians no longer bother with four of the ten Commandments given to them by their God.

The four that are not deemed important to live by, thus disagreeing with a God that they would believe knows everything and knows best, are the requirement not to worship idols, use the Lord’s name in vain, to worship no other God, and to keep the Sabbath day holy.  It’s about a third of Christians that don’t fancy those ones.

Stealing and killing were widely condemned, but only by 94% of Christians who thought that those Commandments were still relevant.  I’m hoping that they’re talking about Robin Hood and the Right to Die.

The one that somewhat puzzled me a little was the abandonment of worshipping no other God.  It’s great, in a way, in that is shows tolerance and acceptance of other religions.  However, I also wondered why one would believe any of ten commandments from a deity that they see as transferable.

The abandoned commandments seem to have stripped to the religion element out the way to live, leaving behind a simple moral compass.  I also think that some of them are laid aside for convenience.  It’s interesting that, even in the face of religion, we still define our own rules based on what benefits us.

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