Bare Naked Horror

Back when Iceland blew up and grounded all the planes over Europe, I was working in Netherlands.

We went for breakfast and someone told us that we wouldn’t be able to get home.  Oh, how we scoffed, until we saw the news.

It was a Thursday, I believe.  Home day.  We checked out of our hotel because that was always the plan.  Because all the flights were grounded, trying to get a hotel was a nightmare.  We ended up getting one somewhere, courtesy of IBM.

To make the most of our weekend, we decided to head in to Amsterdam, which I still maintain is the only place in the world where you can get absolutely anything you want.  Anything.  It really is one of the most surreal places.

As we walked up to the Red Light District (to look, not touch), an older, larger woman came out her booth.  Shall we just say that she was “dressed for work” which didn’t include much of being dressed at all, and that she wasn’t really my type.  We covered our eyes and picked up the pace to get away.

That was the story I remembered when I read about a burglar who apologised to his victim after she confronted him stark naked.  It sounds like the story line from a porno, but 91 year old (that’s ninety one year old) Patricia Mulkeen got up from bed dressed in nothing but her birthday suit to see off the intruder.

Her husband said:

And here’s this young guy in his 20s looking at a naked 91-year-old woman.That’d be enough to make him faint – it’s a shock.

Apparently all the assailant could do was apologise, and it was an apology I was wanting that weekend! I know that I was put off things for a while after Amsterdam.  I wonder if the intruder has been put off breaking in to people’s houses.



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