Bridge Over Troubled Water

My interest in Brexit has been rekindled!

EU judges today ruled that Bridge is not a sport.  If it were a sport, it would be VAT exempt and the English Bridge Union (EBU), which organises duplicate bridge tournaments, could apply to British tax authorities for a refund on the 20 per cent VAT for the entry fees to its competitions.

The EBU claimed that Bridge promotes physical and mental well-being.  Tax authorities didn’t agree, nor did UK courts who said it was a game of chance, not a sport.  It then got referred to Europe to clarify whether duplicate bridge could be considered a sport under the terms of the VAT Directive.

The answer was “no” on the basis that bridge was “characterised by a physical element that appears to be negligible”.  Presumably lifting cards while sitting down isn’t deemed that exerting.  Maybe the odd high five could tip the balance.

Anyway.  The interesting thing for Brexit is that obviously, in future, the decision will obviously be entirely down the UK.  With all this extra money we’re going to have that we don’t have to pay to run European Courts to make stupid and ridiculous decisions about card games, just imagine what we could do!

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