Petty Hates

On the wireless on my way home from work, they do a segment every week based on “Petty Rages”.

A listener will ring in with a problem they have with something.  It’s something simple.  I’ll give one example, but don’t want to necessarily ruin my idea for content later on!   Top down sauce bottles…

The whole product is designed to be stored on its cap.  It makes it easier, especially in a squeezey bottle, to get all the ketchup out when supplies are running low.  It’s been thought about and genuinely designed.  I mean, the label at least should be a give away, shouldn’t it?

However, because traditional ketchup bottles have always had the cap on the top, facing up, a lot of people store a top down bottle the wrong way round.

It’s not a big deal.  There a real problems in the world.  It is, though, quite irritating!

I’m known for being grumpy.  I think it’s a little unfair! I’m not a really grumpy person, I’m just good at complaining and in some cases, yes, I do it about little things!  They’re not long term irritations – I’ll forget about them within seconds of seeing them – but sometimes it’s good to let it all out.

And that’s what blogs are for, isn’t it?!

So I’m going to put a new section on the blog for my petty hates – those problems and irritations that aren’t a big deal, but are probably better out than in.  Some will have a point, some will just be whinging!




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