The Pre-Halloween Scary Coffee Share

Hey.  If we were having a coffee this week, we’d be getting an exclusively early egg nog latte.  Mmm… creamy egg noggy goodness.  That means Christmas is on its way.

Moo Cat would like to wish everyone, especially his feline friends past and present, a very happy National Cat Day.  I’m actually not sure where he is at the moment.  He’s probably sat by the fridge.

There’s a few rather pointless things to tell you about this week.  Two of them revolve around me being shattered!

Last night, in Europe, the clocks changed, but I think that only gives you extra time in bed if you actually get there before the change.  I didn’t, although Moo did leave it till 8.30 before getting really panicked about where his breakfast was coming from.  Part of me wonders whether he doesn’t realise there is human under the duvet or whether he’s just being a git when choosing where to walk.

I woke up from a dream where I’d bought a £1000 plus guitar and was playing it for someone.  Not sure why as the guitar I want is over £3k but £1k was very particular.  I’ve also never played for anyone before, let alone the person I was dreaming about.

I had a much more rude awakening on Wednesday morning at about 1.30am.  I woke up thinking that I was falling out of bed and was absolutely petrified, and I mean genuinely terrified.  I’ve never been so scared about a physical danger before.  It took me quite a while to calm down again.

Talking of being scared… Watching some of the boxing last night, and I’ve always commented that I would happily get in a ring with a boxer for the amount of money that some of them are getting.  However, Katie Taylor more than any heavyweight bloke really bothers me! With someone like Anthony Joshua, I’d take one hit and wake up rich.  Katie Taylor, though, is ferocious and I think I’d actually suffer.

Today I saw Harry and Dumbledore.  Sadly they started talking to the woman on the right about hangovers and I didn’t want to interrupt so couldn’t ask for a proper photo.  Didn’t think Harry was old enough to drink.  Kids nowadays.

Walking around town and looking at the fancy dress for Halloween, I noticed the range of costume being worn.  I wrote quite a bit of this last week, so not worth repeating too much, but I always thought that Halloween was a time when you were supposed to dress up as something scary, not just dress up?  There were a lot of costumes out last night but, like, superheroes for example? They’re not really Halloween.

I went to the match yesterday and saw a really scary thing.

I don’t get half and half scarves.  They’re a scourge.  Especially when it’s a team like Huddersfield on a random cold Saturday afternoon.

There was a guy outside the ground before the match with a PA system talking of Sodom and Gomorrah and promiscuity and I thought he was advertising the next Guardians Of The Galaxy film.  Then my brain kicked it.

The last thing I can think of for Halloween is the Pokémon Go Halloween Event! I got a SHINY SABLEYE! And a Witch Hat Pichu.

I’m off work next week which I’m kinda excited about.  I’m doing a shopping day tomorrow.  I have a sports massage booked in for Tuesday which I’m so looking forward too! Wednesday is still a floating day.  Thursday I’m going to see Jamiroquai and Friday is new phone day.  Still debating whether to put the new phone on eBay though.  It feels wrong actively looking to make a profit on someone wanting something so much, but 50% profit on something someone else will be able to get in 5 weeks…

For some reason I’ve been contemplating my car’s steering wheel this week! I don’t know either! I got in to the car after work and thought it looked big.  I’ve had the car for nearly a year, by the way! Then I started wondering if it could be smaller, but I wouldn’t be able to see the dials.  Then I thought it could maybe be a different shape, but it would be awkward with steering lock and manoeuvres (the flat bottom already doesn’t help the latter).  So it kind of struck me that the steering wheel is probably as good as it’s going to get.

So there.

Anyway, I’m thinking I should probably go find Moo.  Hope you’ve had a great week.

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